The Dallas Stars have quietly gotten over their slump February. They’re scoring, and it’s complementing their consistent goaltending and defense. One player in particular who has gotten hot as of late is a big reason why. Roope Hintz is one of the NHL’s best, as well as one of the most underrated playing with one of the leagues most overlooked teams.

Plays a complete game

Much like Tyler Seguin or the great Mike Modano when he got coached up by Ken Hitchcock, Hintz plays 200 feet of ice every night. It’s his goal scoring that make the highlight reel. But it’s a lot of the dirty, defensive work that often goes unnoticed by many outside of the Stars and their fans.

On occasion we will see Hintz dish out hits, and absorb hits. Along with killing penalties by way of faceoffs. Some of his dirtiest work comes via blocking shots. He’s tough guy who plays the game tough, and does everything he can every game to help give Dallas a chance at a win.

Centers The Avengers Line

If you’re going to center one of the top lines in the NHL you better be one of the best. Hintz fits in perfectly with Stars’ goals, and points leader in Jason Roberson and the big tipper Joe Pavelski. Doing the dirty work on the faceoff dot, and often putting up goals or assists regularly.

When you have someone like Hintz who plays a complete game it maximizes the potential of Robo, and Pavelski.  Hintz also enjoys the chemistry on the Stars’ top line.

“When they put us together, it just kind of clicked,” Hintz said. “We’ve got great chemistry and then we were building the chemistry. When you get to play more with certain guys, you get to know what they do on the ice and then it’s easier to play together. We’ve been together so long and now it’s getting easier.”

Underrated (but the Stars won’t mind)

Earlier this week Hintz saw his eight game point streak come to an end. But with a 5-2 win over the Seattle Kraken Hintz, and the rest of the Stars were unbothered. They continue to push closer to the top of the central, and the west as a whole.

Speaking of not being bothered by the smaller details, Hintz largely gets overlooked by the NHL media. As long as Dallas finishes with an x next to their name come April nobody playing for, or cheering on the Stars will lose sleep over it. Once you get to the big dance it’s all about beating the team across from you.

Plays fast, cellys big

At 6’3″ 225 lbs, Hintz is a big guy who can also blow right by you. It is well known across the league that the big fin is one of the most lethal scoring threats on the breakaway. Putting up goals flying down the ice, such as this sick tally.

Photo credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

While Hintz is known for his game breaking speed, he also electrifies fans with his cellys too. Throwing up his arms, and shouting after scoring makes Hintz a high energy personality to compliment his burning trails on the ice. All the while leaving behind opposing defenders.

Featured photo: theathletic.com

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