Throwing a memorable party doesn’t have to be complicated; whether you’re throwing an intimate get-together or a Super Bowl party for the ages, all you need are some delicious snacks, drinks, and friends.

Planning your event should be smooth but almost as fun as the event itself.

This includes invites, snacks, drinks, games, decorations, and a TV or streaming device so everyone can watch the game.

Let’s discuss ways to make your Super Bowl party the event of the year. But if you’re not going to watch the game, that’s fine too!

You can use some takeaways for any type of party to make it memorable. 

Set The Scene

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Nothing beats creative decorations when it comes to setting the scene for your party during the Super Bowl. For example, to make your guests feel like they’re watching the game from the sidelines, you could add AstroTurf coasters and football drink stirrers to your tables.

You can also hang a fluorescent or colorful concession stand sign above the snack table to give it an authentic stadium feel.

Another creative idea for setting the scene for your party is to decorate one half of the living room with one team’s colors and the other half with the other team’s colors. This way, your guests can choose where they want to sit and cheer on their favorite team.

Eat, Drink, And Be Merry

Parties are about interaction, but if you ask your friends and guests what makes the party memorable, it would definitely include the food and drinks. 

Did you know that the number 1 food item consumed during the Super Bowl is chicken wings? 

Chicken wings are the perfect addition to any sports viewing party. They are delicious and easy to eat but come in various flavors. You can find a taste for everyone,  from extra spicy to sweet and mild. Provide a few dipping sauces like ranch or blue cheese dressing to ensure your guests have plenty of options.

You can also consider a chili cook-off between your friends. 

This is a great way to get your friends involved in the festivities and let them show off their culinary skills. 

Provide Drinks Or BYOB

You can ask your guests to bring their own (BYOB), or you can provide drinks for the party. Of course, you want to mix in as many drinks as possible to accommodate people who like different alcoholic and non-alcoholic selections. 

Be creative about it. For example, if your guests aren’t into beer, why not get creative and make signature cocktails for each team based on their city, mascot, or team colors? 

Mix up a pitcher of each drink ahead of time with a little splash of food coloring to match each team’s jerseys. This will add extra fun to the game and give everyone something to cheer about! So bring on the drinks, and let’s get this party started!

Play Some Games

Whether hosting a Super Bowl party or another get-together that you want to make memorable, consider games that the group may like to play. 

For example, when it comes to hosting a Super Bowl party, there are plenty of ways to keep the competition alive. You can look at NFL live lines and play a drinking game when people don’t get close to the betting lines, they take a drink or do something silly. 

Other ideas include:

With your games, make them appropriate for the people and ages that may be at your party so that nobody feels left out. 

Dress The Part

No Super Bowl party is complete without everyone dressing up in their favorite team’s colors. So encourage your guests to wear jerseys, hats, and other fan gear to show their support for their favorite team. 

Of course, in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s still winter. So dressing for the cold should be something on your mind, and if you’re a casual fan, consider your winter wardrobe for both style and function. 

Don’t Forget To Watch The Commercials And Half-Time Entertainment

Most importantly, for a Super Bowl party, most people remember the commercials and half-time entertainment more than the game itself. So be sure to watch the entertainment and enjoy yourself. 

Hosting a Super Bowl party is all about the setting and the entertainment.
Make your next party the event of the year by being creative about your decorations and food, but remember why you’re all getting together in the first place, and that is to enjoy yourselves. 

Featured Image: Pexels
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