In the NHL this year there is a considerable gap between the eastern, and western conferences. With six of all the top NHL teams being out east. Dallas Stars fans should be counting their blessings over this with a perspective on the big picture.

Playing the best less

An obvious advantage in playing against teams in the weaker conference means you’re also not playing the better teams as often. That means you’re only playing teams like the Boston Bruins, and the Tampa Bay Lightning only twice a year.

After the Tampa Bay Lightning swept their two games with Dallas, and the Stars lost both contests this year to the Bruins as well. It was a matchup of the top teams in each conference on Tuesday night, and it once again shows that Dallas has some work to do.

Playoff positioning in the west

While the Stars continue to jockey for positioning in their division and conference it’s good to know that you have an advantage over the other 15 teams in the standings. It’s never easy, but every point counts. This instills more confidence in the locker room as the Stars inch closer to the spring.

Starting this past Friday vs the Minnesota Wild, the Stars began playing eight of nine games vs the western conference. The Stars are hoping they can put aside failures in overtime, and vs the east and continue to push for the best in the west.

Dog – eat – dog

With the teams who have the best records in the NHL all in one conference, they all have to be at up on each other in the eastern bracket of the playoffs. Only one of those six teams will be able to make it to the final round.

Another reason the Stars will be happy to see less of the east this spring, and over the next couple weeks was tonight’s bizarre drubbing from the Columbus Blue Jackets.

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While the Stars have a lot of work to do now after not seeing a win since February 8th hosting Minnesota, they now have to turn their attention on the remaining 25 games of the 2023 season. After the Stars make the playoffs, then come June if they can make it to that final round, they will be able to look forward to playing a team out east for a certain silver trophy.

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