The NHL Trade Deadline is a time when teams win and lose fortunes in their quest for the Stanley Cup. Other teams look for immediate glory while other teams look to build on the future by selling off their assets. The Dallas Stars are one of those teams poised for a chance for hockey’s ultimate chalice of champions. The 30-14-11 Stars sit atop the Western Conference standings meaning they are buyers at the deadline. There are lots of assets available for the Stars despite their limited cap space. Here are some of the scenarios that could happen at the deadline.

Stars Situation

The Stars are 1st in the Western Conference standings. The Trade Deadline is March 3rd so it’s time for the Stars to start addressing what they need. What they do not need is defense or goaltending. The Stars have both the fewest goals allowed and the highest goal differential in the conference. What more could they need? The old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The Stars don’t need much as they are already a good team but they can improve. The Stars are buyers at the deadline, looking for that one missing piece for a Stanley Cup Playoffs run.

Never Gonna Happen

Rumors ran rampant in the offseason about the future of Patrick Kane in Chicago. Trade implications briefly swirled about the long-time Stars terrorizer going to Dallas. He has a No-Trade Clause in his contract but it’s no secret about his displeasure with the Blackhawks. The rumors are now that he is waiving his NTC to join only one team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. It’s not likely that Kane goes to Dallas but his trade will send shockwaves through the NHL.

Ah But the Cap

Even if Kane were to waive his NTC to Dallas, the Stars still don’t have the cap space for him. The Stars have north of $300,000 in cap space to work with. Any deal would have to involve some cap space adjustments. Moving around some cap space is almost necessary if they want to acquire big-name talent.

Who to Go After

It’s going to break Stars fans’ hearts that the St. Louis Blues are probably not going to qualify for the playoffs. They’ve already traded Vladimir Tarasenko to the Rangers and are possibly looking for more. Ryan O’Reilly may also be on the trade block. The price tag may be too high for O’Reilly but there are more affordable options out there. Players like Timo Meier, Tyler Bertuzzi, and Johnathan Toews are all available for potential trade targets.

This will be a different year for the Stars in terms of Trade Deadline action. The Stars could push all their chips into the middle and acquire a big-time player. One thing they don’t want is do nothing. This year has the potential to be a special one so don’t squander this opportunity. The Trade Deadline for all teams will be an active one so get ready over the next few weeks.


Photo Credit: Dallas Stars Twitter

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