For the Dallas Stars, there are far more positives than negatives at the halfway mark this year.

One of the brightest shining stars has been number 53, Wyatt Johnston. At only age 19, the center is off to a promising start to his NHL career.

For a rookie at that age to be a mainstay in the NHL without being sent down to the AHL is nothing short of impressive.

Consistent Depth Scoring

One of the reasons the Stars have had success in scoring from last season is other guys are getting goals and points that don’t just form the avengers. Johnston has shown up on the score sheet regularly among second or third-line forwards.

For his efforts, DeBoer looks to reward Johnston with more minutes. Johnston’s contributions in scoring have Dallas as one of the top-scoring teams in the league and a welcome addition to already being one of the top defensive teams across the NHL.

First Goal

On October 13th, Johnston made his NHL debut. To go along with playing in his first game in the league, the young center also scored his first NHL goal.

He was becoming the third youngest player to score in team history (including the years of the Minnesota North Stars). Only Dave Archibald and Mike Modano scored at younger ages in team history.

DeBoer has been on board with having Johnston in the lineup since the start.

“He’s got a special element to him,” was what the coach briefly remarked after the Stars’ win over the Preds.

He didn’t say much about the rookie, but with the on-ice play, he didn’t need to.

Strong Start/Promising Future

Photo: Mark Zaleski/AP

Through the first half of the season, Johnston has been nothing short of solid. Even as a teenager, he has done everything that a coach would expect from a full-time pro. A second or third-line center who backs up the avengers’ line nightly on the score sheet. One big reason the Stars have come a long way from offense the previous season.

This landmark season for Johnston is only the beginning. While nobody has a crystal ball, if he keeps playing well and gets better on a team that can hold it together over the upcoming years, the sky is the limit. We’re talking about the potential of all-star games, goals in the playoffs, and potentially getting his name engraved on a certain 35-pound silver trophy.

Photo: GS-JJ

For young players, the future is infinitely bright. I believe that Wyatt Johnston will definitely have his own world in the future. It would also be great to wear his peripheral products when watching his games.

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Featured Image: Smiley N Pool/Dallas News
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