As the NBA trade deadline looms closer and closer, the anticipation continues to build for us Maverick fans. In each of the last 5 seasons, Dallas has made at least one trade around the deadline. With a player as special as Luka, you cannot afford to waste years of his career with an underwhelming supporting cast.

It was reported that Dallas would be willing to part ways with F Dorian Finney-Smith in a deal that bring back a star player, per Shams Charania of The Athletic.

Finney-Smith’s value is immense, which is why the report states for a ‘deal that brings back a star player.’ In my eyes, I see this as the Mavericks telling the league that the phones are open! They are listening to trade discussions involving any player not named Luka.

In a market oversaturated with buyers, it is going to be difficult to fall in love with a deal. The good news is that the deadline objectives are clear.

For one, it is no secret that the Mavs need to add another play maker. Someone that can step in and create shots for themselves, as to relive some of the workload on Luka’s shoulders. In a perfect world, this is what Jaden Hardy would be for us, but I don’t see that being the case in the immediate future.

Hardy, no doubt, needs to see an increase in his minutes sooner rather than later. Wouldn’t it make it make the most sense to move on from a guard further up in the rotation?

We’ve also already mentioned the unfavorable contracts of Tim Hardaway Jr. and Davis Bertans. I’d look for Nico to be most aggressive in moving one, or both, of these players.

Looking forward to the ‘23-24 season, it is important to note that Bullock and Dinwiddie will be on expiring deals, which could result in a big time move next year. But for now, expect Dallas to be as aggressive as possible without resolving to desperation.

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