Mike Modano, Sergei Zubov, Jere Lehtinen, Marty Turco. Just a few guys who have spent many years in Dallas who have etched their names in Dallas Stars’ lore. They left their mark on the ice, in the franchise’s record books, highlights, and with the fans. Currently the 2023 Stars have many faces who will do the same. In particular; the decade long standing duo of Jamie Benn, and Tyler Seguin.

The trade

July 4, 2013 (coincidentally Independence Day), the Stars made a trade with the Boston Bruins that made waves across the NHL. A tease that would also go down as one of the most lopsided trades in league history. With Dallas getting the long end of the stick.

Coinciding with the fireworks, the 4th was certainly a holiday for the Stars. Dallas’ GM Jim Nill cooked up a deal that sent Seguin to play alongside Benn. Who also in that same off-season was named captain for the new look Stars (who at that time unveiled for the first time the modern victory green uniforms).

Recognition from the league

Between the two veterans, they have combined for eight all-star appearances. With six spots going to Seguin, five of which came as a Star. Benn won the team’s lone trophy for the scoring championship in the Art Ross trophy in 2015.

Recognition in sports media

Over the last 10 years, the two has quietly established themselves as one of the most recognizable duos across the league. Their “bromance” has not only gotten them featured in Dude Perfect, but in sports articles as well. Showing that the Stars bring entertainment on, and off the ice.

Dealt with adversity

During the 2018-2019 campaign Benn,and Seguin saw arguably the biggest adversity hurdle of their careers. Dealing with injury issues, and decline in on ice production the two long time Stars got blasted by Stars’ president Jim Lites. For the entire sports media in the world to hear. Vulgar complaints that were less to do with the contracts, and more to do so with on ice play. In particular with lack of scoring.

After Benn, and Seguin got caught up in that news storm they found themselves in the playoffs again after a two year drought. The next season, the Stars with Benn and Seguin made it to the Stanley Cup finals. Today under new coach DeBoer, the two are fully healthy and putting up strong depth scoring to help keep Dallas atop the western conference.

Numbers with the franchise

The longest tenured captain of the team, Benn has been a quiet force in Dallas. While he is not as productive since around the time of scoring championship eight years ago, Benn has since found himself more effective in the ice, and in scoring under Pete DeBoer. Interestingly, the Stars’ captain was compared to the great Eric Lindros back in 2015. Something the Big E agreed to afterwards.

Seguin in his time with the Stars has become one of the most complete players in the NHL. A veteran in the league who plays on both ends of the ice. Known for winning faceoffs, and scoring goals can kill off penalties as well. Seguin can fill any slot in the lineup where needed too.

The future of Benn and Seguin

Right now the present, and future of the Stars belongs to the young core of the team. However, there’s always room on the team for veteran leadership.

Photo credit: Larry Brown Sports

Both long time Stars have shown they want to stay in Dallas for the rest of their careers. Further cementing their legacies on ice, and as fan favorites for many who cheer on the victory green.

Featured photo: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

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