The FC Dallas offseason is in full swing with players set to report back to the club in the coming days. With the offseason comes transfers and transfer rumors. This week, we’ll take a look at some transfer rumors involving FCD.


Franco Jara back to Argentina

One thing is for sure, at some point in 2023, Franco Jara will be back in Argentina, likely playing for Club Atletico Belgrano. The two big question marks are:

  1. When will Jara make the move? In the winter or in the summer when his contract runs out?
  2. If the move does happen in the winter, does FCD buy him out of the remainder of his contract, using their one buy out of the season, or do they manage to actually transfer him out?

The prevailing wisdom for the past weeks has been that the move was more likely to happen in the summer as FCD wouldn’t want to use their buy out to get Jara out of the last few months of the contract, saving the buy out potentially for another player. Recent news seems to indicate otherwise though, with it looking like Jara will make the move in the winter. This still leaves the second question unanswered though. It seems unlikely that most clubs in Argentina, due to their size and the current economic situation in Argentina, would be unable to afford to pay for Jara’s current hefty contract. With Belgrano not exactly being one of the big clubs in the country, it stands to reason FCD will buy Jara out if he does indeed move in the winter. The other option here would be a mutual termination of Jara’s contract between club and player. If this happens, it would be huge for the club as they would not have to use their buy out on Jara while also allowing Jara to more easily move back to his native country. This seems like it might be imminent based on news from Argentina, so we should know in the near future.

Jader Obrian back to Colombia

This, on the other hand, feels much less likely. Some responses to the tweet above indicated that there may be nothing here with this rumor of Obrian moving back to the Colombian league. FCD being willing to move Obrian on makes a lot of sense with Obrian firmly planted on the bench behind Paul Arriola and Alan Velasco, along with the signings of young players like Bernard Kamungo and Tarik Scott and even the recent selection of Herbert Endeley in the SuperDraft. This kind of move may be more likely in the summer where FCD may wait to see what they have with these young players before moving Obrian, who does have some value to the team off the bench with his pace. Ultimately, if FCD doesn’t move Obrian in the upcoming windows, they’ll end up getting nothing for him as his contract is up at the end of 2023, so they may be willing to take a relatively small deal just to get something on a player that hasn’t really worked out here in Dallas.


Amet Korca from HNK Gorica

No tweets attached to this one and there has been very little around the rumor mill on any FCD interest in pursuing trades around MLS or international interest. Bear with me though on this one, FC Dallas follows this player, a 22 year old center back playing for HNK Gorica in Croatia, on Instagram. He actually spent time in his youth playing for Solar, a massive youth club in the Dallas area, which would lead me to assume he is a citizen or has a green card, meaning he does not take an international spot.

Now, does FCD following a player on Instagram really mean anything? Not really, there are a number of players FCD has not signed or will not sign that they follow, but Korca feels a little bit obscure for a completely random follow. There has been a lot of talk about who the 5th center back will be for FCD in 2023, with the assumption that Jose Martinez, Sebastien Ibeagha and Nkosi Tafari will fill three of the top four spots. Many assumed the 5th center back would be a SuperDraft pick, but FCD ultimately did not take a center back. This kind of player makes a lot of sense. He’s young, does not take an international spot, has potential for the future and will likely come cheap. This could all be nothing, but don’t be shocked if we hear about FCD signing Korca in the near future.

What are your thoughts on these transfer rumors so far this offseason? Let me know in the comments below!

Featured Image: Jessica Tobias/FC Dallas
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