The Texas Rangers have been stockpiling pitchers this off-season. Does that mean they think left field is set? Short answer is no.

The Rangers dealt Eli White to the Atlanta Braves earlier this week signaling that they believe in Bubba Thompson. I still don’t think they want Bubba to be their number one left fielder.

Who is available? I believe that the Rangers will look to make a trade to bring in an outfielder.

Jurickson Profar is a possibility. I know, right. After opting out of his contract with the Padres, he is betting on himself this offseason.

He did not have the best 2022, but the Rangers could have interest in their former number one prospect. He would be younger than some but still not old.

He would not come in a trade, but I still think that he is a possibility for the Rangers.

Bryan Reynolds is another candidate that is interesting. He has asked to be traded from the Pirates.

The Pirates asking price will be high, but the Rangers have the prospects to deal and make this happen. According to Reynolds has 51 home runs, 152 RBIs, 54 doubles in the past two seasons. He is a good outfielder as well.

Daulton Varsho of the Diamondbacks is another possibility. I have not heard his name linked to the Rangers, but they are most likely exploring every trade possibility.

Varsho had 27 homers in 2022 from the left side. He would not be bad addition to the Rangers depending on what they would have to give up for him.

The Texas Rangers like to keep their trade ideas closes to the vest. They do not tell many people what they are planning on doing.

It will most likely be someone that no one is projecting at this point. I have seen Andrew McCutchen, Joey Gallo was out there before he signed with the Twins, Michael Conforto is another name I have seen.

It would not be the end of the world to have Thompson and Josh Smith/Ezquiel Duran, but it would be better with someone else.

Either way, this team is way better than they were in 2022. You can count on that.


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