The Texas Rangers need rotation help, but what if they miss out during this winter? What if no free agent pitcher wants to come here?

Does Chris Young, Bruce Bochy and the rest of the front office have a backup plan? I know it’s not pleasant to talk about, but it is a small possibility.

The Rangers have been tied to almost every free agent pitcher out there. Names like Carlos Rodon, Jacob DeGrom, and many more.

What would a backup plan be if they land no one of record? The team has a plethora of young talent, but are they ready to carry the load?

I submit to you that most of them are not ready yet. Jack Leiter, Kumar Rocker, Brock Porter, Cole Winn, Cole Ragans, Owen White, Zak Kent and more are there. Pushing them to the majors too fast would be a disaster.

All Rangers fans have seen that story play out in the past. Pitchers ruined by being promoted too quickly.

The team could fill out the staff with Ragans, Otto, Howard, Winn and others. I am not sure that would be better than 2022 unless they upgrade the bullpen.

Jon Daniels never was big on bringing in bullpen help. Chris Young is going to be different in my opinion.

When the Rangers went to back to back World Series in 2010 and 2011, the bullpen was as big part of that success. There were some veterans in there. Darren Oliver, Eddie Guardado and others.

There were also some young players. The Rangers need to sign some veteran bullpen arms, regardless of the starting pitcher haul they achieve.

They need that veteran presence in the rotation and also in the pen. They need arms that can handle the pressure of competing for a championship.

They need personalities that can explain how to win to the younger pitchers. The need proven winners.

Let’s be honest, I do not think that the Rangers are going to miss out, as money talks the loudest. I just hope they have a plan in place if all of their targets wind up signing with other teams and not Texas.

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