Starting on November 25th hosting the Winnipeg Jets, the Dallas Stars will kickoff the showing of their latest reverse retro jerseys in game. It’s essentially a tribute to the style of jerseys from the 90s. Interestingly enough in addition to the retro team look, the old orange NHL logo will appear on the chin of the jersey too. The jerseys also hit the stores both in-store, and online on November 15.

Still no gold

Since the takeover of Tom Gaglardi as Stars’ owner almost a decade ago, there has not been any gold on modern jerseys. Minus the tribute jerseys to Jere Lehtonen, and Sergei Zubov during warmups. More likely than not, Gaglardi wants to distance Dallas from the Minnesota North Stars time that lasted from 1967 to 1993.

So for those looking forward to the return of the green and gold years it’s not looking good. Since buying the Stars in 2011, and introducing the modern day victory green jerseys there has been no addition of gold to any jersey that has been released.

Fair rating in general

Looking at reviews for the latest jersey across the NHL world in general has an average view of the jersey. ESPN in particular has the sweater around the middle of the pack. Ranking at number 18, the victory green coloring hurt the jersey according to the ranking.

Most other sites ranking the reverse retro have the Stars’ throwback around the middle of the pack as well. In general, the jersey is more accepted than the storm troopers jersey revealed two years ago.

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Stars fans like them

Dallas fans, the most important audience, are big fans of the jerseys. When you look at what people are saying on twitter, fans are not only buying the sweater but are happy with owning one. This years reverse retro has gone over well with fans, and soon we will be seeing them helping to fill the American Airlines Center.

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