The Texas Rangers’ offseason will be nothing short of an action-filled winter. We’ve already seen multiple moves already made including the club trading for veteran starter Jake Odorizzi as well as late on Monday night, I was able to confirm that Martin Perez plans to accept the Rangers’ qualifying offer and will make 19.65 million dollars in the 2023 season.

However, there is still much more for the Rangers’ front office to do. With the team looking to be active in both the trade and free-agent markets there are still plenty of moves to be made.

Today, we’re gonna play a little game (Because games are fun). We’ll call it “What are the chances of? Rangers’ offseason addition. I’ll give a scenario involving the Rangers’ 2022-2023 offseason and then give a percentage of that scenario’s likelihood to happen. I would also like to give credit to 105.3 The Fan whom I saw do this a few weeks ago. 

The Rangers landing Aaron Judge? – Since games are fun, I think we have to start out big!! What is the percentage chance that the Rangers will sign Aaron Judge? Well, to answer your question….. Not very high, I’ll put it at a 2% chance. The Rangers have shown interest in Judge (I mean who hasn’t) and they would have the money to sign him. However, I think the Rangers will focus their time and money on the pitching market and not on the player who broke the AL record for most home runs in a season. If the Rangers were to pay up for Judge that would likely set them financially short of their goal to land two front-line starters. Unfortunately, Texas does not have unlimited money (as much as it seems like they do). 

The Rangers winning the brand-new MLB draft lottery? – Well, I don’t have to predict the odds for this because the official odds for the Texas Rangers to win the brand new 2023 MLB draft lottery are 5.5%. With the new CBA which was instituted during the MLB lockout before the 2021 season, the owners and players negotiated a draft lottery into the CBA in order to prevent tanking. Whoever wins this lottery will likely select LSU’s star outfielder Dylan Crews as the number one pick in the 2023 MLB draft. Last season in 62 games with the Fighting Tigers Crews hit .349 with 22 home runs and 72 RBIs. The chances Crews becomes a Texas Ranger are….. 5.5%

The Rangers landing Jacob deGrom? – If I’m being completely honest with you I really like these odds. Multiple people within the industry believe there is a good shot of deGrom leaving the big apple. The Rangers are in desperate need of top-end starting pitching and they will be in on deGrom until the second he signs. You can see the correlation there, and I do think these odds are the highest of any on this list so far. I’ll put this around 35% if those odds do cash out the best pitcher in baseball will be coming to the Lone Star State to become the ace of the Texas Rangers. 

The Rangers land Carlos Rodon? – Remember when I said that I like the odds of Jacob deGrom landing here in Arlington? I really like the odds that Carlos Rodon ends up deep in the heart of Texas. I really think Rodon is the most realistic big-name player for the Rangers to sign this off-season. I’ll put those odds at 45% Rodon is quietly been one of the more underrated top end starters in baseball these past two seasons (one with the White Sox and one with the Giants). Last season Rodon showed that he could still be the same arm after switching teams. I think it’s both realistic and a recipe for success if the Rangers can land Carlos Rodon. 

Texas trading for someone Pablo Lopez or Tyler Glasnow? –  Rangers GM Chris Young and the front office have committed to not limiting themselves to only upgrading the team via the free agent market but also through the trades. A trade for Miami Marlins righty Pablo Lopez has been something the Rangers have been interested in doing seemingly since the last trade deadline. Tyler Glasnow was just recently put on the market by the Tampa Bay Rays but will probably be pretty costly. The Rangers absolutely have the prospects to make a trade for almost anyone that they want. I’ll say that the percent chance that the Rangers trade for a starting pitcher of the caliber of Pablo Lopez or Tyler Glasnow is around 30%

No matter which combination of these moves the Rangers make, it’s going to be a successful and busy offseason. The Rangers’ front office has committed to putting a winning team on the field on Opening Day 2023 and I think they will use these moves this offseason to deliver on those promises. 

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