I am currently confused with the lack of contract offer to one Martin Perez. While talking to Eric Nadel, Rangers Hall of Fame radio broadcaster, for the Ranger Report Podcast, he said that Martin Perez was basically a steal for the Texas Rangers in 2022.

As a individual who has covered the team for over 15 years now, I have seem the Rangers make a fair share of interesting calls on players. Sending Adrian Gonzalez away, bringing in Ryan Dempster, and many others.

The Numbers

Perez posted a sub 3 ERA (2.89), he pitched nearly 200 innings (196.1) and he won 12 games for the team. The team won more of his starts than they lost, which is saying something on a 68 win team.

There is no news out there on why the deal has not been done yet. The beat writers and us bloggers are all curious on why he is still unsigned at the moment.

Either the Rangers have other plans or Perez is holding out for free agency. From everything I have been hearing Perez wants to be in Texas. He is a leader in the clubhouse besides being the most consistent pitcher on the staff.

Personally I believe that he would sign here for a discount, but not a huge discount. Somewhere around 15mm a year for 3 years could probably get the deal done.

They could also make him a qualifying offer for somewhere around 19.5mm for one year. He may take it or he may put his feelers out in free agency.

After all this time, I do not personally understand how the team has not signed him to a deal yet. Either there is something I’m missing or he is saying something differently publicly that he believes.

So Why?

The Rangers have some big plans to upgrade pitching, and signing Perez should be first on that upgrade list. It seems odd that you might let go of your best pitcher from the latest season, especially if he wants to stay with the team.

Unless they already know they have several big fish ready to sign here AND they think that some of their prospects are ready to take the next step, they need to get this done.

Several people, myself included, believe that Martin Perez is the pitcher we all saw in 2022. The calm, collected man who eats innings and wins games.

Hopefully this happens in the next few days. If not and he becomes an ace elsewhere in 2023, the new Rangers front office will begin to feel the wrath of Rangers Nation pretty quickly.

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