Arlington – The Texas Rangers have their manager, now it time to get down to searching for a pitching coach. The Rangers did not bring back the 2022 pitching coach staff, at least not in the same role.

Bruce Bochy most likely has some names in mind for the position. It appears per reports that it is going to be one pitching coach instead of the multiples they had in 2022.

As someone that has followed the Texas Rangers for over 20 plus years, and blogged about them for almost 15 years, I have some thoughts on who they should at least talk too. Since I have this platform to write, let me tell you who I believe they should at least interview.

The Rangers are not likely to promote from within since they have let go several of their minor league pitching coaches. With the manager hiring completed, I believe they are going to lean heavily on what Bochy wants to have at that position.

I think that he and CY are likely to get together and talk it over before they begin interviewing candidates for the position. I wouldn’t be shocked if it would up being one of the following names or someone that I did not think of at all.

Mike Maddux

If he wants the job, I would give it to Maddux in a heartbeat. Here are the team ERA’s during his time in Arlington:

2009 – 4.38

2010 – 3.93

2011 – 3.79

2012 – 3.99

2013 – 3.62

2014 – 4.49

2015 – 4.24

They have not before or since had an ERA below 4.00. Maddux produced 4 straight seasons of it.

Maddux opted out of his contract in St. Louis and is currently a free agent. He still lives in the Dallas area. Again, I would take him in a heartbeat.

Dave Righetti

Righetti spent 18 seasons in San Francisco as their pitching coach. He was there for the three World Series titles that Bochy won with the franchise. The former MLB pitcher is 63 years old and of course has a history with Bochy.

He could at least get an interview for the job and my be someone that Bochy would be interested in working with again.

Larry Rothschild

Rothschild has a relationship with Al Leiter which could help him in the development of Jack Leiter. The former Yankees pitching coach was also the pitching coach on the 1997 Florida Marlins team with Al Leiter that won a World Series. Someone to keep an eye on.

His age (68) may make it where he doesn’t get the job, we will just have to see what the Rangers, Chris Young and Bruce Bochy want to do.

Obviously this is not an exhaustive list at all. I would be interested to see what you all think out there in Rangers nation. Is there someone you would like to see take over as the next Rangers pitching coach?

The Rangers are on the precipice of competing for the foreseeable future. The right manager and the right pitching coach is going to go a long way in making that happen.

We should know either way before the end of November if I had to guess. I think the Rangers want to get him in place so he can work with whomever they hire to pitch for the team in 2023 and beyond.

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