Marshawn Lynch played with the NFL from 2007 until 2019.
Spending a lot of time jumping from team to team after he spent from 2007 to 2010 with the Bills, then spending 2010 to 2015 with the Seahawks, then 2017 and 2018 with the Raiders, and finishing his career with the Seahawks for one final year. 

But we kind of miss him. You see, with the newest season kicking off, and it has been some years, we have to wonder what the NFL would be like if he was still kicking around on the field. 

We have to wonder what he would do to the odds and how many would be looking at a list of online sportsbook sign-up offers to place bets on him.

He was a running back in the NFL, and many wonder if he was perhaps one of the best of all time, and truly, he kind of was. He was nicknamed ‘Beast Mode’ after one particular accomplishment. 

He has many accomplishments:

  • Super Bowl champion XLVIII.
  • First-Team All-Pro
  • Second-Team All-Pro
  • Pro Bowl x5. 
  • NFL Rushing Touchdowns Leader x2. 
  • All-decade team 2010s.
  • PFWA All-Rookie Team. 
  • First-team All-American.
  • First-Team All-Pac-10. 
  • Rushing yards total 10,413. 

But, even with all these and more to his name, he left and ended up becoming the executive owner of the FCF Beasts. (Ironic name right?)

Is Marshawn Lynch A HoF Running Back?

Lynch has been one of the NFL’s most controversial players, but he is also known as being one of the hardest-nosed running backs in the NFL. 

He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in ‘07, but his college career was pretty epic too. He played with the Bills, then moved onto the Seattle Seahawks, the Raiders, and then finished off with the Seahawks for his last year. 

Lynch has a reputation for a play in which he does not even touch the ball. This was in the Super Bowl XLIX where Carroll opted for Russell Wilson to throw the ball on the goal line during the last play instead of giving it to Lynch for a score. 

Wilson threw an interception, and the Pats won, Carroll got scolded, and it was a reminder to all o; Carrollpect people had for Lynch. 

However, it was not just his respect that has had him viewed as perhaps one of the greatest running backs in the game. Lynch had some truly epic moments…

His Greatest Moments

Lynch has endless great moments, but we are going to choose 5 of our favorites that back up why he was so loved, but also what made him an epic player.

His accomplishments are moments in which he truly shone through, and not always in a traditional sense of the phrase. 

1) Beast Quake

Beast Quake was the move that had Lynch noted as a star. It happened during a Wild Card game in 2011 between the Seahawks and the Saints. The Seahawks were at 7 to 9 and were expected to bow out, but Lynch and his team didn’t think so. 

They had 3:38 remaining, just enough time to play. 

The Seahawks were leading 34-30, and they faced a 2nd and 10 on the 33-yard line, and Lynch… just exploded. 

The Seahawks called an I formation and Lynch went… ALL OUT. He broke 9 tackles on his play as he made the way to a 67-yard touchdown. 

The crowd went berserk (rightly so), and it went down as one of the most incredible runs in the history of the NFL. Lynch put sugar on top of this moment as he dove backward into the end zone as he grabbed his crotch. 

We would expect no less. 

2) Conan & Gronk Showdown

Lynch had an MK moment. Before Super Bowl XLIX, Conan O’Brien had brought two stars on oppositional teams together to face off in a ‘clueless gamer’ moment. Gronkowski represented the Patriots, and Lynch was repping for the Seahawks. 

The result was one of the most amazing and hilarious moments on late-night television ever. 

Lynch and Gronk were just brilliant, and Conan was… well… Conan.

3) Injury Cart Joyride

Marshawn Lynch
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Lynch will be Lynch… always. While he was in college at Cal back in 2006, he helped to lead the Bears into overtime to win against Washington. 

How did he celebrate? With a famous joyride on an injury cart, of course! It was an unforgettable, weird, and wild moment.

4) Celebrating Super Bowl XLVIII

Marshawn never stopped being one for unique celebrations, though. 

Lynch and the Seahawks won their first championship at 43-8 as they decimated the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. He rushed 39 yards and made a touchdown on 15 carries. He felt pretty great after the game, and his victory dance is not one to forget easily.

5) ‘I Am Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined.’ 

Lynch had always had issues talking to the press, and at Super Bowl XLIX he showed up and did not answer any questions. 

Instead, he just answered every inquiry with the sentence…

“I am just here, so I won’t get fined.” 

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