Jason Robertson is a critical player for the Dallas Stars and he is still without a contract. He became a fan favorite over the last two seasons with his exceptional scoring prowess. The hockey season is under two weeks away and the Stars need him. His 41 goals last year ties the most in this franchise since 1994. His contract negotiation is still going but now other teams have interest in acquiring him. The salary cap is also a potential problem. Going into the season without him is trouble and the Stars need to get a deal done.

Luck of the Draft

Some sleeper picks can fall into teams’ lap past the First Round of the NHL Entry Draft. The Stars made phenomenal decisions drafting Miro Heiskanen #3 and Jake Oettinger #26 in the 2017 Draft. It’s the #39th overall pick that made a huge difference. Robertson went to Dallas via the Second Round and got called up a few years later. Now he is a 41-goal scorer which this franchise has only seen one other player do since 1994.

Cap Space

The Stars have $7,540,704 in cap space left to sign Robertson. The rumors are that Robertson is asking for the 8-figures range of a contract. Therein lies the impasse of the current situation. The two sides are in on negotiations but a bridge deal could get the job done. A 1-year $7.5 million deal could smooth things over for another year. Regardless, a deal needs to happen.

Trade Rumors

The Buffalo Sabres reportedly have interest in trading for Robertson. They have the cap space for him. The Sabres are 32nd in money spent with over $20 million in available cap space. This is the last scenario that needs to happen. Robertson is a cornerstone player that fits in well with the lineup.

Robertson needs to remain a Star for a long time. He brings a lot to a franchise and is a player you can build a whole squad around. The Stars need to get a deal done if they want a future with an increased chance of success. His price is expensive but he is worth it and can potentially become a retired number in the rafters 20 years from now.

Photo Credit: Dallas Stars Twitter

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