Every team should aspire to become Stanley Cup Champions each season no matter the odds. Each team also should have other goals to set for their year at the beginning of the season. Some teams may consider making the playoffs the ultimate success while others consider losing in the Stanley Cup Final a failure. It’s time to determine what would make a successful season for the Dallas Stars in 2022-2023.

2022 Result

Making the playoffs last year constitutes a successful season. It was a soul-crushing Game 7 overtime defeat that ended their season at the hands of the Calgary Flames last year. They could have won the series in that overtime but it was not meant to be. Going further in the playoffs is the next step for this team.

Early season: Signing Robertson

Jason Robertson is still an RFA without a contract. The number one priority for the Stars right now is signing him to a new one. His 41 goals last year ties with the most in this franchise since 1994. Letting him go to another team is a big mistake. Robertson is the future of this franchise and a player you build a team around.

Successful Season: Winning at Least 1 Playoff Series

16/32 teams make the playoffs each year but only 8 make it past the first round. The Stars can constitute a successful season by winning their First Round Series. Their goal this year is to do better and win 4 out of 7 games in that opening round. Anything after one playoff series win is an added bonus.

Failure: Missing the Playoffs

There are a lot of good teams in the NHL next season. The Stars need to be on their game for 6 months in order to make the playoffs. They made it in last year via the wildcard and this year they can finish higher. A top 3 spot in the Central Division is another success. Failure to make the playoffs at all equals disaster. The direction of this Franchise needs addressing if they miss out on the playoffs.

Player Goals

Individual players should also have their own goals. Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are always under the spotlight as the highest-paid players on the roster. They tallied 46 and 49 points last year, respectively. Both should set a goal for at least 50 this year.

Making the playoffs is the lowest bar of expectations this year. The ultimate goal is to win the Stanley Cup. Winning it all is never easy but anyone can win even the long shots. The Stars have the potential to be a great team if everyone starts clicking again. We’ll see what the new coach Peter DeBoer has in store for this squad.

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