Recently, the Dallas Stars made one of their most important moves this summer. That was resigning Jake Oettinger. However, there is one guy who is still on the restricted free agent lists still looking to be signed. That is Jason Roberson, and Stars’ owner Tom Gaglardi is under the microscope for this.

Bridge deal, or long term

In the era of the salary cap, the decision to sign athletes to short, roughly three year “bridge deals” or long term contracts such as seven or eight years gets complicated. These negotiations involving the players, owners, and general managers go on every year. It’s a matter of balancing the budget, and working with a guy who has proven his value on ice.

Speculating a new deal

While a deal for Jason Roberson is being sorted out, folks in the media are putting out articles with an in-depth look at the team’s cap space. Such as James Reeve at Fansided.

Tom Gaglardi

In stories like this, and so much more both the media, and social media often blow things out of proportion. Tom Gaglardi spoke with The Cam And Stirck Podcast, and discussed the Robertson situation.

“You’re an RFA, there’s really no deadline, there’s no hurry, and that’s kind of how things go,” he said during a recent appearance on “The Cam & Strick Podcast.”

“He added, “These RFA deals will often sit and wait, that’s kind of the nature of it. … We’ve got the cap space sitting, waiting for these guys. And so no, we’re not concerned about it.”

“It’s finding the right fit, it’ll be finding the right number and the right term. … Those conversations are happening, I can’t tell you that a deal is imminent, but maybe one of them is more imminent, I don’t know.”

Jason Roberson

There is no doubt that Jason Roberson is one of the guys that fans of the Dallas Stars are calling the future (of the team). Everyone knows he needs a contract, and those working in the Stars organization seem confident that they will get that sorted out with Robo. He, along with Miro Heiskanen are recognized as two of the NHL’s best players league wide. Jason Roberson checks in as the fifteenth best winger after just two seasons of play. He’s just getting started.

Pay the man!

Keeping your best player(s) in the age of the salary cap to be fair isn’t always easy, and all teams have to lose guys sometimes. But if the Stars want to build a winner for years to come it is up to Tom Gaglardi, and the Stars’ front office to figure it out. Thankfully right now there’s plenty of time to get the contract squared away. Dallas Morning News writer Matthew DeFranks breaks it down.

“This is just how the game is played. Agents and teams do a little dance, tight roping their way toward the start of the regular season. The agents want to use training camp and Opening Night as leverage. The teams bank on the players not wanting to miss that time on the ice, and later money. Something about deadlines making deals.

Look at all the recent high-end forwards looking for a second contract, as Robertson is. For the purpose of this exercise, “high-end forwards” are defined by signing a second contract with an average annual value of at least $6 million, as is expected for Robertson.”

Jake Oettinger isn’t worried

Stars’ goalie Jake Oettinger appeared on NHL tonight, and he was not worried about the business side of things. Stating that both he,and Robo want to be in Dallas for a long time and win.

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The Dallas Stars will be fine

In terms of guys wanting to play in Dallas, and guys getting signed this isn’t a problem for the team. The only thing the guys need to be worried about is on ice chemistry, off-season conditioning, and having a fire in their bellies to compete in what should be a hyper competitive Westen Conference. No shock in living up to a common nickname, the wild wild west. Speculation, and predictions are fun. Especially in the offseason, but the guys on the Stars team and in the front office are pros who need to be focused on getting Dallas into the playoffs for a second consecutive season.

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