Jake Oettinger extended his contract with the Dallas Stars on Thursday. This new deal took awhile as 50 days already elapsed in Free Agency before occurring. He is the #1 goaltender again with a new 3-year $12 million contract. His performance last year, especially in the playoffs, is something Stars fans will look forward to over the next 3 years. Now the offseason checklist is one away from completion. Signing Oettinger is a big completion and now Jason Robertson is next.

The 2022 Playoffs

Jake Oettinger played out of his mind in the playoffs. The Calgary Flames peppered him with 285 shots on goal in a 7 game series. That’s over 40 shots per game and he still stood against that potent offense, allowing only 15 goals in 7 games. That .954 save percentage was the best all playoffs out of everyone that played a full series. Stars fans can’t wait to see more of his goaltending prowess.

The Deal

The 3 years with a $4 Million AAV is a team-friendly one while also making bank for Oettinger. He’ll show what he can do over the next 3 years before getting another contract. It took 50 days to negotiate but Stars fans are finally glad that it got signed. Now it’s Robertson’s turn for a deal.

Now Robertson

Robertson and Oettinger were the two best players on the Stars last season. Robertson lead the way last season with 41 goals. Like Oettinger, he is an RFA this offseason. Unlike Oettinger, he still doesn’t have a new contract. The season is still a month out so hopefully, they can get a deal done before then. The Stars have north of $6 million left in cap space so a deal can get done in a reasonable price range for both sides. Re-signing Robertson is the final thing on the list for the Stars front office.

Such an important piece from last season is back with Oettinger. It’s good that a deal happened but it took a while. These contract negotiations can take a long time and now even longer on the Robertson front. Getting Oettinger signed is huge for next season. The Stars have a lot of talent in these two players so getting them both signed is critical. They are halfway there in that department. This offseason is going well but it will be a great one if Robertson gets a deal made with the Stars.

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