Tuesday marked the start of something new for Bernard Kamungo, a Tanzanian refugee. Bernard signed a professional contract with FC Dallas after playing with North Texas SC since 2021 where he scored 18 goals in 43 club appearances. Bernard was able to sign a 4-year contract with Dallas, making him the newest member of the team that is trying to make the playoff push. With many outlets introducing Bernard and his background, I thought it would be a good idea to dive into his play style and his potential fit into the team.

Play Style

Bernard Kamungo, a 20-year old – 5ft 9in player is someone that can play all over the field. During his time with North Texas, Bernard played both in the midfield and on the wings. A fast paced player that loves to attack defenders one-on-one, cut left, and curl a shot to the far post. Mostly playing on the right side, making him a unique right-wing, left-footed attacker.

Where Does He Fit?

In short, the most likely outcome for Bernard for the rest of the 2022 season is to continue playing with North Texas SC. The recent departure of Szabolcs Schön makes it seem that FC Dallas have a plan for the future in Bernard that they did not see in Schön. What makes it interesting, is the current roster. With Paul Arriola, Jáder Obrian, and Beni Redžić all getting minutes while also playing of the right side, it makes you wonder what the plans for the future are. Will we see a departure of another winger with Bernard taking their place? Will Bernard take a more active role and switch to the left side to replace, a now open position left by the Schön departure? These questions will hopefully be answered in the next couple of weeks or even deep into the offseason.

Final Thoughts

In short, FC Dallas has a plan for Bernard, we just might not be able to see it yet. I hope Bernard is able to have a successful rest of this 2022 regular season and is able to hit the ground running at the beginning of next year. Bernard is still very young and has the energy that I feel will click right away with this young FC Dallas team.

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