Each year, FC Dallas is hit with the iconic summer slump. We have seen this under Oscar Pareja and Luchi Gonzalez. Now, the first year with Nico Estevez we saw a similar issue.


Summer Slump

FC Dallas, since the middle of May has been in what you can call a slump. With only recording 5 wins in 17 games. Surprisingly, this is still enough to maintain us in 3rd in the west after our 28th game. Recently, Dallas have only lost 1 out of their last 4 games. A turn of what was seen during the summer months. Some red flags to consider are that Dallas is roughly 2 games ahead schedule from the rest of the west. Which could see Dallas’ position drop as we are approaching that last couple of games of the season. 

On the bright side, Dallas looks to be back on track. Even though a disappointing 4-0 loss to Nashville this weekend did slow the teams rhythm, Dallas looks like a better team morally and in confidence since the addition of Sebastian Lletget to the team. This past Saturday can be seen as “one of those nights” where nothing clicked. And it is nice it happened with a couple weeks left so the team can identify mistakes and issues as Dallas begins to approach the playoff goal.


Greatness in the Fall

As the calendar quickly approaches Fall, many teams are getting ready for the playoff push. Teams like LAFC have already punched their ticket to the playoffs, so teams know the MLS season is in the final stretch. Dallas has a strong enough team to make a push and achieve the success they achieved under both Pareja and Luchi, winning a playoff game. As a #DTID fan, I expect FC Dallas to be a playoff team each year. And I would assume the Front Office agrees since, missing the playoffs was what untimely lead to the release of Luchi. The team that Nico currently has at his disposal is more than capable than just making a the playoffs. With the recent run of form, the team available, and the experience of many National team players, Dallas could make an impact on the field.

In short, Dallas did have a very poor summer, but the opportunity that is available this Fall, especially with a Lletget, can take this team into greatness we have not experienced as a fanbase in the MLS Cup playoffs since the early 2010s.

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