The Chris Woodward era for the Texas Rangers is over. After nearly four years and a record of 211-287.

While I’m not a Chris Woodward apologist, I do think he got a raw deal in a Rangers uniform. He was handed a bad team with the front office in denial about a rebuild.

He had very little major league talent in 2019, 2020. The team started to turn a corner in 2022, but not fast enough.

In a statement the Rangers front office said they think it’s time to move on and have a new voice for the team. Tony Beasley will be the interim manager for the remainder of the season.

We will probably never know what led to the firing of Woody for real. It seemed very quick. A lot of Rangers fans will probably be happy.

I got the chance to cover Woodward this season and he was an honest and genuine person. That may have gotten him into trouble from time to time.

In the end, the Texas Rangers expected more out of 2022 than Woody’s leadership was providing in their opinion. I will be very interested to see who is interviewed for the job.

Either way, the next manager will be expected to win right away. I wonder how long it will be before Twitter nation is calling for the next managers head? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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