Once again, the talk about Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin not playing well enough is in the news as of late. Comments from the owner as well as how much the two are getting paid, and their lack of on ice production has been discussed. The Dallas Stars do have a new head coach in Pete DeBoer heading into the season which could be an advantage for Benn and Seguin.

Tom Gaglardi

Dallas Stars owner Tom Gaglardi came out in an interview last month, and spoke about Benn and Seguin. Gaglardi talked about the team. Touched a bit on everything going on with the team. From coaching to of course the two guys that were named dropped, and their contracts.

“I think those guys signed those contracts and they’ve got to find a way to deliver that kind of value,” Gaglardi said. “If they don’t, it hampers the team. That’s the reality of it. They know that.”

“I’ve talked to Jamie; he knows he’s got to find more. He’s working hard this summer. I met with him in Dallas after the season ended. He knows what he’s got to do… Those guys know they’ve got to bring more.”

The infamous Jim Lites’ tirade

Tom Gaglardi’s criticism of Jamie Benn, and Tyler Seguin is reminiscent of Jim Lites’ infamous rant of the two players. Close to four years ago, Lites expressed his frustration with the two veterans. He also demanded it to be a story, and used words that had to be edited out.

“We are a stars-driven league, and our stars aren’t getting it done,” Lites said. “It’s embarrassing, and no one writes it. Write it,” Lites said. In a profanity-laced tirade in which he called the pair “(expletive) horse (expletive),” Lites said he hears from Gaglardi five times per game about how poorly Benn and Seguin are playing. The Stars beat the Nashville Predators 2-0 Thursday night, but Lites still offered his premeditated tongue lashing,

“The team was OK, but Seguin and Benn were terrible,” Lites said.

“He’s hitting posts, ‘Wah-wah,’ That’s what I say about hitting posts,” Lites said. “Get a little bit closer to the action, actually go to the spot where you score goals. He doesn’t do that, he never does that anymore. He used to be a pest to play against, people hated playing against Tyler Seguin, they don’t anymore.”

Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin

Jamie Benn knows he has to be better for the team. But first coach Pete DeBoer is going to need to place Benn where he fits in best. Even if that means placing him on the third line. Wherever Jamie Benn fits in on a nightly basis, even when lines inevitably get juggled due to team performance or injuries, getting the best production from your players is the most important thing.

Topping the list of highest paid NHL players for 2023 is Tyler Seguin. Despite the injuries since the Stanley Cup run back in 2020, Seguin has improved in scoring. He’s also one of the best on the faceoff dot, and plays a 200 foot game. He can play in all situations including both the power play, and penalty kill.

To be fair, Tyler Seguin did have injury woes in that 2020 Stanley Cup Finals run, and the shortened 2021 season. He’s also got quietly better in 2022. Before the start of the 2021-2022 regular season, Tyler Seguin said he felt “pretty much back to normal.”  He spoke with The Atlantic before the season started.

“I can confidently say that I can do pretty much 98 percent of the things in the gym now, which is really exciting,” the forward told The Athletic in comments published Tuesday. “It has taken a long time to get here. There are certain things like sprinting that have been a little bothersome but, on the ice, I feel pretty much back to normal, which is exciting for me.” With a full season already behind him, Seguin should be even better for 2023.

Photo credit: Mark LoMoglio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Both Jamie Benn, and Tyler Seguin know they have to be better. They don’t even need to be top goal scorers, or point producers. The Young guns Jason Roberson, Miro Heiskanen, Roope Hintz, and veteran Joe Pavelski can top the team leads in points. For the Stars to better their chances at getting back to being Stanley Cup contenders, the team needs the duo to have more consistent point production on a weekly basis.

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