The 2022 Texas Rangers have not been very good. However, you can’t look at this team and say they haven’t made huge improvements from last season. 

Last season, the Rangers finished with a record of 60-102, good (or should I say bad) for the third worst record in baseball. Although, that was the Rangers’ last season of completely losing for a top draft pick.

In the offseason, Texas made two huge moves bringing in all-stars Marcus Semien and Corey Seager, and anchored down their rotation with Martin Perez and Jon Gray. 

However, the Rangers still haven’t been good in 2022, even after all those moves why?

The answer to that question is simple… because they were never supposed to be. 

Even with those moves, you don’t go from a 102-loss team to a playoff team. Before the season started a predicted that Texas would finish with anywhere from 70-75 wins, which they are still projected to do.

Nonetheless, 2022 will be the Texas Rangers’ last losing season for a while. 

When asked what the biggest priorities in this upcoming offseason would be, Jon Daniels looked straight into the eyes of the media and said “Pitching”. 

The Rangers are once again set to be big spenders this offseason with the necessity of starting pitching.

The question of whether Texas spends money is out of the equation. Texas has the ability to sign any big-name pitcher that they want to.

That help combined with the young pitching coming up through the Rangers minor league system and this pitching staff is SCARY. 

Corey Seager and Marcus Semien will continue to hold down this offense for years to come. However, Texas may still look to add one more really good bat.

These past several seasons for Rangers fans have been straight-up pain, but we’re pretty much at the end of the tunnel. Will Texas win the world series in 2023? Probably not but will they have a winning season, yes.

After 2023, is when the Rangers will go all in for capturing their first-ever world series title.



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