Two Dallas Stars players made the most impact out of anyone last season. Jason Robertson and Jake Oettinger played out of their minds and put up numbers unseen in a long time. NHL Free Agency is already nearly a month old and these two dynamic players still are without a contract. Is it time to start panicking now? Rumors are that talks keep going nowhere in that camp. Rest assured they need to be on the team next season.

Same Thing with Benn

Jamie Benn also had this long stand out in his 2nd contract. It took Benn several days into the 2013 season to sign a new contract. He signed his 2nd contract during a game in the lockout-shortened 2013 season. The alarm bell shouldn’t sound yet on Oettinger and Robertson but deals need negotiating.

Why is it Taking so Long?

Rumors swirled today that talks have stalled on the Oettinger front. Both of these players are the franchise players of the future so it is concerning that they still are not under contract. Could it be the money or the contract length? Either way, both sides need to come to an agreement before the season starts.

Their Stats

Both Oettinger and Robertson had unbelievable years last season. Robertson scored 41 goals which ties the most in a Stars season since Mike Modano’s 50 in 1994. Robertson can bury several pucks in the back of the net but it’s the other side of the ice that came to light in the playoffs. The 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs had a GAA champion named Oettinger. Oettinger’s .954 save percentage was the best out of any goalie that played in a full series. These two players are the pinnacle points of the franchise moving forward.

Having these players not play on the Stars next season is unacceptable. They are very valuable in terms of dollar amount so that may be the holdup. Even a one-year deal can get the ball rolling on an extension for after next season. These players need signing especially if playoff aspirations are on the goal list. Oettinger and Robertson are players you build a franchise around so letting them go should not even be an option.

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