The Dallas Cowboys have been some of the best players ever since the franchise started. They have many NFL records, including the most consecutive sell-out games in history.
The Cowboys have seen a great deal of success ever since they joined the NFL in 1960. 

They have some of the most Super Bowl appearances in history and are widely regarded as an elite team within the East division for being the only NFL team to win twenty seasons in a row between 1966 and 1985.

Enthusiasts are regularly checking the latest NFL lines to see how the Cowboys anticipate their next move. 

It is no surprise that the Cowboys are widely regarded as one of the greatest teams throughout history, and the franchise isn’t short for stand-out players.

Here are some of the best players that the Dallas Cowboys have seen.

Roger Staubach

Firstly, Staubach was an elite quarterback who led the Cowboys to the Super Bowl five times during his career. Not only that, but Staubach entered the NFL after serving in Vietnam. His Lieutenant ranking earned him many nicknames throughout the seventies. 

Staubach was also known as ‘Captain Comeback’ for his natural ability to lead the Cowboys when he was on the field. He has certainly set an elite standard for quarterbacks within the Cowboys, which many strive towards. 

Staubach has become an icon within the franchise as a result of the success that he achieved as a quarterback, and it isn’t difficult to see why Staubach is considered to be one of the greatest Cowboys of all time. 

Emmitt Smith

Photo: Dallas Cowboys

Another iconic player who has been recognized as the sixth-best running back of all time is Emmitt Smith. As a member of the Cowboys during the nineties, Smith led the league in rushing four times and averaged 105 yards per game throughout his career. 

With many records under his belt, nobody has been able to beat Smith’s 25 touchdown record during a single season in 1995. Smith was a standout running back who stood out within the Cowboys and saw a great deal of success. This can be seen in the form of record breaks, key achievements, and total rushing yards. 

Bob Lilly

There is no denying that Bob Lilly was one of the greatest defensive tackles that the Cowboys have ever seen. He was the first member of the Cowboys to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame and is one of the most iconic franchise members in the history of the NFL. 

Many have considered Lilly as a key player in the origins of the Cowboys because of his defensive tackle. Thanks to impressive agility, hostility, and versatility on the field, Lilly was also known as Mr. Cowboy. This is due to his key role in setting the reputation of the franchise as an elite NFL team. 

Troy Aikman

Many consider Aikman one of the greatest Cowboys of all time, thanks to his reputation as the greatest quarterback between 1991 and 1996. Having been inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2006, Aikman still holds many franchise records. These include a total of 94 career wins and a highly impressive 2,898 completions. 

Thanks to a twelve-year-long career, Aikman saw a great deal of standout success. Aikman retired with three Super Bowl wins and is another icon that played a key role in the Cowboys’ history.  

Randy White

Finally, Randy White was another standout player who led the Cowboys to a great deal of success during his career. He was a first-team All-Pro seven times in total and has an iconic persona on the field, which created an impressive defense. This earned him the nickname ‘The Manster.’ 

White stood out on the field not only for his ferocity but for his unique agility. Thanks to an agile frame and powerful hands, White provided an excellent defense for the Cowboys during the 1990s. 


The NFL has always been an immense demonstration of player capabilities with ever-raising standards for athletes and teams to reach. In order to become successful within the league, talent scouts must be vigilant.

Some of the best examples of recruiting players who have a stand-out talent and natural ability to move through the field are above. 

The Dallas Cowboys have always been one of the most high-achieving franchises out there. This is due to the careful selection process which takes place in terms of drafting new players.
Not only that, but the rigorous training has also contributed to their impressive reputation. 

Featured Image: Dallas Cowboys
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