The Texas Rangers won’t be doing a whole yard sale at the trade deadline for the first time in a while. Texas could actually look to improve their team this deadline for the first time since the Cole Hamels trade. 

However, there are options for them to be sellers. The Rangers do have a few veterans that they could look to sell off to contending teams. 

To get started I think it’s important to establish where the Rangers are. Texas currently sits with a record of 43-54 and are 20 games back of the Astros for first place in the AL West. They also sit 9.5 games back in the wild-card race.

With that being said the Rangers are in an interesting spot. Texas is not really in a position to buy any rentals for this season, Although, they still could be in a position to upgrade the big league club. 

So, will they be buyers or sellers?

The Rangers will be looking to acquire young, controllable big league talent. Mostly on the pitching side of things because that is definitely where they need the most help.

However, as I mentioned earlier they have a few veterans who they could send off to contenders. 

So they will find themselves kinda squeezed in the middle

Will Martin Perez be traded?

Probably not. Martin Perez and the Texas Rangers have not had any conversation about a potential contract extension. However, the Rangers don’t seem to want to trade him. I think a good amount of the reason that Perez is having such a good year, is based on the fact that he is in Texas, where he is comfortable.

I do think, that the Rangers end up holding onto him with the hopes of keeping him for the next few seasons. Whether that’s a contract extension or resigning him in free agency remains to be determined. 

Who do the Rangers have to trade?

Looking at this current Rangers team they really don’t have a whole lot of trade pieces but they do have a few. 

Matt Moore – Here is probably your most tradeable piece at the deadline. Matt Moore comes into today with a 4–2 record and a 1.74 ERA. Moore is a left-handed reliever that can go multiple innings, and those types of guys always draw attention from contenders.

Garrett Richards – Richards is someone who could draw some interest, his numbers are not great but he has had success at times this year. Bullpen guys typically draw a lot of interest this time of year so it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. 

Who could the Rangers possibly trade for?

Overall, I don’t see the Rangers throwing it all out there to land one of the big fish on the market such as guys like Luis Castillo or Frankie Montas. With those two big names, the Rangers are likely just going to get outbid. Although, there are still some players that Texas can go after. 

Tarik Skubal – Earlier this week, the Detriot Tigers made it clear that young lefty Tarik Skubal was available for trade. Skubal is just 25 years old with multiple years of team control after this season. This season Subal is 7-8 with a 3.67 ERA. 

Pablo Lopez – The Miami Marlins announced that every player not named Sandy Alcantra was available for trade. Lopez is a star pitcher who also has multiple years of team control. Coming into today Lopez is 7-5 with a 3.03 ERA. 

Joey Gallo – Last night, the Yankees traded for Royals outfielder Andrew Benintendi, virtually ending what little playing time Joey Gallo had left. Gallo is someone who won’t cost much and could come back to somewhere he is comfortable. 

In the end, it’ll be interesting to see what the Rangers do this deadline. Will they make a move for a young pitcher to be on the team for years to come? Or will they stay content with the prospects that they have? 

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