The trade deadline is less than 10 days away and the big name out there is Juan Soto. All the experts say the Texas Rangers have the cash and resources to acquire Soto. I thought I would follow up on Kane’s article and give my opinion.

While there have been a plethora of packages suggested on Twitter and elsewhere, I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you what I think it would take. I will also let you know my opinion on the Rangers making said trade.

Try and remember this is all just in good fun and I have no control over what the Texas Rangers do. This is just my two cents, and my two cents only. I choose how to spend those two cents.

What Would it Take Prospect Wise?

Juan Soto is a 22 year old, once in a generation type of talent. He has already turned down close to a half a billion dollars.

His agent, Scott Boras, has several big names clients already with the Rangers. He has a good working relationship with the team.

I bring this up to remind you all there is no way the Rangers trade for Soto unless they can guarantee he is going to sign for the long term. They do not need or want a rental player, especially not for what Soto will cost.

The Texas Rangers have spent the past 4 to 6 years really building up their minor league system. Currently they are ranked just outside the top ten. This does not take into account the 2022 draft.

All that being said, the Rangers have the prospects/players to bring Soto into the fold. Let me get to the point: who would the Rangers have to give up?

The reports are 4-5 top prospects. That means the Rangers would have to give up 4 to 5 of their top 12-15 prospects. They also want some low service time major leaguers.

In my opinion, here is what the Rangers would need to give up to have a chance at nabbing Soto and maybe Patrick Corbin:

– Cole Winn, Owen White, Tekoah Roby, Evan Carter, Leody Tavares and Ezequiel Duran. This is the type of prospect haul the Nationals would require.

The Texas Rangers would be giving up 5 of their top 15. That is a very steep price.

What Would it Take to Keep Him?

After the Rangers trade away a ton of prospect talent, they would need a guarantee that Soto will remain a Texas Ranger. We have all read that he turned down big money from the Nationals over a 15 year deal reportedly worth $440 million.

To tie him up long term the Rangers would have to go over $40 million a year in my opinion. So I see maybe a 10 year, $410 million deal interesting him.

If there is any uncertainty about him taking a deal like that, I would not trade for him. Two years is not enough for losing a batch of prospects like it will take.

Do I Think the Texas Rangers Should Trade for Soto?

The short answer is no. The Rangers need to spend money on pitching.

The team also has some great prospects who will be here soon. While I agree Juan Soto is a fantastic player, he is not the only piece needed to get this franchise to a World Series.

They need bullpen help. Rotation help needs to be in the plans as well.

Soto is neither of those things. I personally believe the Rangers at a playoff team by 2023 without Soto if they add the pitching.

Therefore, I am a no go on a trade for Juan Soto. I would rather take my chances on the prospects and other free agent pick ups.

What do you think? Do you want the Rangers to mortgage the farm for Soto? Let me know


*Ben Dieter is one of the hosts of The Ranger Report Podcast here on Dallas Sports Nation. You can find the Ranger Report on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or at The Ranger Report Website.

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