On Saturday morning, news broke out of Washington DC that turned the baseball world upside down. Nationals super-star Juan Soto turned down a 15-year $444 million dollar contract extension.

Immediately the Nationals announced plans to entertain trade offers for the 23-year-old Dominican. 

When potential landing spots started filing in, you heard the usuals, such as the Yankees and the Dodgers. Although, you kept hearing about another team…… The Texas Rangers. 

MLB Network insider Jon Hayman described the Rangers as the “favorites” to land Soto.

ESPN baseball analyst Buster Olney ranked Texas second in potential landing spots for the outfielder. 

Could the Texas Rangers actually trade for Juan Soto? Should they? Or will they? 

We’ll start with the first question, can the Rangers actually trade for Juan Soto? 

The answer to that is yes.

The Rangers have more than enough talent in their farm system to make a massive offer to the Nationals. 

Now, just because they “could” do it, does not mean they actually will. However, it is essential to realize that the Rangers do have all of the assets needed to trade for the superstar. 

What is it gonna cost? 

It’s gonna cost a fortune. Acquiring Juan Soto is gonna cost several top prospects and probably one or two major leaguers. 

Right now I’d say the Nats are gonna want about 4-5 high-end Rangers prospects. 

Washington is also gonna want 1-2 young big league players with potential.

Here is a mock trade that could send Soto to the lone star state. 

Rangers receive OF Juan Soto, Cash 

Nationals receive, 3B Josh Jung (#2), RHP Cole Winn (#5), OF Evan Carter (#9), SS/2B Luisangel Acuna (#10), Leody Tavares, Brock Burke

This trade would certainly be a conversation starter but even I don’t think this would be quite enough. The Nationals may want to also get another prospect like Owen White, Dustin Harris, or Ezequiel Duran. They may also want a different big leaguer like Dane Dunning.

So, now that we know they can trade for Soto, should they?

I’m going to give an answer that a lot of people are not gonna like….. No

If the Rangers were to trade for Soto they would be shelling out most of their high-end prospects for one player.

If the Rangers were one player away from winning a championship I would understand shelling out most of your farm system to get Soto. However, the Rangers are not anywhere close to being one player away from a championship.

This is why teams like the Yankees, Dodgers, and Padres are in a better position to acquire Soto. 

Not to mention if the Rangers do land him, they then have to sign him to an extension. 

A report from Mark Feinsand came out as recently as this morning saying that belief around the MLB is that Juan Soto is not likely to sign an extension with whatever team trades for him and that he wants to test free agency after the 2024 season.

If those reports are true, you’re looking at trading for a 2-year rental. 

Another thing you have to realize is that we’re talking baseball here and not the NBA.

I know you’re thinking “well, duh Kane we know that”. I bring this up because if Texas does land Soto, it doesn’t automatically put them in a position to win the championship.

My point is three superstars don’t guarantee you a deep playoff run in the MLB as it does in other sports. 

There is no doubt that Juan Soto is one of the best players in baseball right now. Adding him to any team would instantly make them better without a doubt.

However, I think if you look at the position that the Rangers are in right now, the bad just outweighs the good in terms of acquiring Juan Soto. 




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