The Texas Rangers “broke the draft” as one Dallas sports writer put in his question to Kip Fagg and Chris Young after the Ranger went pitching and took Kumar Rocker as the number 3 overall pick. Rocker was on no one’s lost to go in the top 3.

To his credit, the only person I saw say they would take Rocker at number 3 was Jeff Wilson, founder of the Rangers Today website and frequent guest on The Ranger Report Podcast.

C.J.Berryman and I talked about the draft on the latest edition of said podcast, and neither of us even mentioned Rocker as a possibility. CY said they have spent a ton of time looking at Rocker since the Mets declined to sign him after the 2021 draft due to health issues.

Young told a room full of local media that they were comfortable with where he was at physically. They have been scouting the heck out of him according to the press conference.

The Texas Rangers have been known to take a flyer on lowrisk/high reward veterans such as Lance Lynn, Mike Minor, Kyle Gibson and Martin Perez. This is different. They took a player at the third pick in the draft that is high risk.

The thing is, if the Texas Rangers are right that he is good to go, they got a steal at the top of the draft. They will now have Vanderbilt’s 1-2 punch on the mound in Texas.

They also signed him way under slot value, allowing to go out and draft Brock Porter in the fourth round. Porter fell because most teams expected him to go to college, but the Rangers are going to overpay him to hopefully sign him.

The front office has made it clear on multiple occasions that the window is now open for competing. Young once again told the media Sunday that they will be competitive in 2023, if not the remainder of 2022.

If Jack Leiter and Kumar Rocker can be anything like they were in college, the Rangers will have some serious pitching on their hands over the next few years. A few more offensive pieces and this team can truly be dangerous.

*Ben Dieter is one of the hosts of The Ranger Report Podcast here on Dallas Sports Nation. You can find the Ranger Report on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or at The Ranger Report Website.

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