On July 29th, 2021, the Texas Rangers sent slugger Joey Gallo to the Yankees for prospects by the names of Glenn Otto, Ezequiel Duran, Josh Smith, and Trevor Hauver. Safe to say for Texas that trade worked out pretty well. 

Saying that Gallo has struggled since arriving in the big apple is probably an understatement. Last season Gallo hit .160 with 13 home runs and 22 RBIs. That is not good, but he has been even worse this season, hitting just .168 with 10 home runs and 21 RBIs. 

Less than a year later the Yankees were already making arrangements to trade Gallo and get him out of New York. 

According to MLB Network analyst Jon Heyman, the Rangers and the Padres could be amongst the fits if the Yankees were to move Gallo at or near the deadline.

Should the Rangers re-invest? What is the good and the bad and what will it cost?

Let’s break it all down. 

What would it cost? Well, there are two things to consider when wondering what a trade for Joey Gallo would cost.

  1. Getting Joey Gallo this year will cost SIGNIFICANTLY less than it cost the Yankees last year. 

Texas would be trading for a player who is batting .168 and is fighting for playing time, not the all-star player that the Yankees traded for the last deadline.

  1. The Yankees are seemingly looking to get rid of Gallo. 

New York is trying to acquire another outfielder such as Andrew Benintendi or Bryan Reynolds so a price tag on Gallo should be cheap. 

Here are three mock trades that could send Gallo back to Arlington. 

Rangers receive – OF Joey Gallo 

Yankees receive – OF Nick Solak, RHP A.J Alexy 

This trade would be good for the Rangers, however, the return might not be enough for the Yankees. 

Rangers receive – OF Joey Gallo 

Yankees receive – RHP John King, RHP Kohei Arihara

The Yankees might like this trade more due to the fact that King has had some success at the big league level. Arihara also is still young and might have some potential to be a back-end starter. 

Rangers receive – OF Joey Gallo

Yankees receive – INF Sherten Apostel, OF Zach Reks 

This trade I think works out well for both sides, the Rangers get Gallo for cheap and the Yankees get rid of him for a little something in return. 

So, why would the Rangers want to bring Gallo back? 

Well, we saw what Gallo could do here, he was a two-time all-star with the Rangers. Returning to some familiarity could unlock Joey. 

The Rangers need an extra outfielder: The Texas Rangers outfield hasn’t been terrible this season but it has been far from great. Having Joey Gallo back on the team would allow Adolis Garcia to get some days off when he’s struggling like he is now and would add another good defender into the outfield. 

Pressure is taken off Gallo in the new look lineup: When Joey Gallo was a Texas Ranger he was the main focus of opposing pitching staffs and rightfully so, as he was the Rangers’ best offensive player. However, if Gallo were to return to Texas that would not be the case. With Seager and Semien in the lineup, some pressure and focus would be taken off Gallo. 

What are the negative effects of trading for Gallo? 

Well, if Texas does decide to re-acquire Gallo, they are trading for a .168 hitter. They are also getting someone who has absolutely struggled since the moment he arrived in New York. 

Gallo is a free agent after this season: Unless you work out some sort of extension right after you trade for him, the Rangers are getting a rental with Gallo. Sure, it wouldn’t cost much but the Rangers are looking to stay away from rental players at this upcoming trade deadline. 

He strikes out a lot…. Starting in 2023 there will be modifications to the shift in baseball. Many people believe that Joey Gallo will be one of the main players to benefit from that. However, it doesn’t matter where the other players are positioned if you can’t hit the ball. 

At the end of the day, it will be interesting to see what the Rangers do with this whole situation. 

Do they pay the cheap price to bring Gallo back thinking that they can unlock him. 

Or do they stay content with how they are?

If I had to guess I would say that the Rangers don’t end up pulling the trigger on a trade for Gallo.

Although, never the less they are interesting rumors and it will be interesting to see what the Rangers decide to do. 



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