NHL Free Agency approaches next week with the future on the line. The Dallas Stars will have an active time on July 13th. Some players left while others will find a home in Dallas. $18.5 million is a lot of money to play around with on the market but is it? There are vital RFAs that must get a contract. Wednesday will get hectic as their available cap space starts dwindling.


Jason Robertson and Jake Oettinger are without contract. The most important thing this offseason above all else is getting them re-signed. That will eat up a bit of that cap space. These two are the future of this franchise so not signing them is fatal. Get these two signed no matter what.

Klingberg Out

The rumors are looking like Klingberg is testing the market. It hasn’t been the best-kept secret that the blue line could change next season. His -28 +/- was horrific and 10th worst in the league last season. That number is the worst out of anyone that played a full season with a playoff team.

The Money

$18.5 million is a lot of money to fix their problems last season. Depth scoring is what plagued them the most last season. There are plenty of forwards that can fill that role.

Who is Available?

You can bet that they are not going after anyone with a high dollar value but anything can happen. This Free Agent pool is to the brim with talent that can help this team. There is no telling who goes where but your phone will explode if you have notifications on.

Teams make fortunes in Free Agency. You can expect the Stars’ front office to have a stock of coffee and energy drinks because Wednesday is a long day. Hopefully, they get a deal for Oettinger and Robertson before then. We’ll get a layout of the upcoming Stars in the next week. Rest assured, it is a much different team than last year.

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