The NFL has seen a huge amount of significant moments ever since the championship first took place.
Athletes need to train hard and develop a good form in order to become successful additions to an NFL team. 

In 1998, John Elway made history by flying like a helicopter at the Super Bowl. Here’s how that happened and what it meant for the quarterback.

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Super Bowl XXXII

Firstly, John Elway’s efforts took place during the third quarter of Super Bowl XXXII. The National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC) teams have historically gone against each other every year during the Super Bowl. 

The 1998 season was ending, and the Broncos were fighting for a chance of winning against the legendary packers. The Super Bowl XXXII took place for the second time at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. 

This year was an enormous year for the city and the Qualcomm Stadium because it was the only stadium to host a Super Bowl and the World Series in the same year. Not only that but there were some intense performances seen at that year’s Super Bowl. 

Denver Broncos

For the Denver Broncos, this Super Bowl was a chance to finally set the record straight. They entered the field in 1998 with the aim of redeeming themselves and gaining a Super Bowl win. 

The Broncos had recently suffered several Super Bowl losses, and crowds did not know what to expect when they entered the Qualcomm Stadium that year. Little did anybody know, but the Broncos ended their 13-game losing streak that night. 

They certainly proved themselves as worthy opponents against the Green Bay Packers and gained a great deal of respect from the audience. The Broncos were able to change the record for themselves during the events of Super Bowl XXXII. 

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers went against the Denver Broncos during this Super Bowl and proved themselves to be worthy opponents. Both teams proved themselves as highly competent forces, and the score remained relatively level until the start of the third quarter. 

The Super Bowl XXXII third quarter began on a matched 17-17. Members of the audience were on the edges of their seats, and they did not know what to expect once this quarter began. 

John Elway’s Helicopter Run

Photo: AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

The Broncos knew that they needed something big in order to succeed, and Elway was happy to oblige. The quarterback certainly proved his worth in Super Bowl XXXII, and he saw a great deal of commendation at the end of the momentous event. 

John Elway was attempting to gain the Broncos an advantage over the Packers, and he was presented with the choice between attempting to keep a third down or sliding. When Elway was approached by Packers defensive players, he chose to jump headfirst at the seven-yard line. 

The helicopter comparison comes from the fact that the Packers’ players caught Elway by his knee, which managed to spin the quarterback 360 degrees. Many have said that Elway was never one to do anything by halves, and he would not have been content with a simple field goal. 

It is safe to say that John Elway helped set the record straight at the end of Super Bowl XXXII. His helicopter-style spinning could have been exactly what the Broncos needed in order to end their losing streak. It certainly proved effective, as that Super Bowl ended in favor of the Broncos with 31-24. 

Elway’s Super Bowl Ring

John Elway was a highly valuable addition to the Broncos. He proved his ability to keep going despite all odds and achieve a great deal of success. However, the move that made history was Elway’s helicopter 360 rotation. 

Being only two years away from his retirement from the NFL, Elway certainly gave it everything he had during the Super Bowl XXXII. The quarterback finished this season with a Super Bowl ring, which was missing from his collection. 

Despite a highly impressive reputation and track record, Elway had frequently missed out on a Super Bowl win. This wasn’t going to stop him during the Super Bowl XXXII. Being able to retire with this final achievement done allowed Elway to finish with pride. He certainly changed the record for professional NFL players, as Elway retired at age 37. 


The NFL has seen a huge number of historic events, which helped change the record for many teams. Thanks to the efforts of Broncos’ quarterback John Elway, the thirteen-game losing streak ended, and both Elway and the Denver Broncos were able to score their first big Super Bowl win. 

There has always been a huge amount of talent in the NFL, across teams as well as individual players. John Elway was able to secure a game-changing defeat over the Green Bay Packers during the 1998 Super Bowl. Choosing to launch himself into the air and spin after getting his knees knocked allowed Elway to help change the record for himself and for the Broncos. 

Featured Image: AP Photo/Elaine Thompson
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