The numbers of NHL Playoffs teams dwindle as the year progresses. 32 becomes 16, then 8, 4, and now the final 2. Dallas Stars fans are not the most thrilled about the two teams facing off for hockey’s ultimate chalice. The Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning are the final teams contesting for the 2022 Stanley Cup. These are two teams that the Stars certainly have a history with. It’s picking the lesser of two evils. Whoever wins the Stanley Cup this year will have both implications and repercussions in the Stars’ history book. A former Star will win the Stanley Cup this year.

If the Avalanche Win

The Stars have former players on both teams in the Stanley Cup Final. Valerie Nichushkin had a tumultuous time in Dallas after the 2013 Draft. He left Dallas for the Avalanche after scoring 0 goals in 57 games during the 2018-2019 season. He’s done a little better since then. Nichushkin joins Andrew Cogliano as former Stars vying for a Stanley Cup. As of Game 1 of the SCF this year, the Avalanche are a ridiculous 13-2 in the playoffs. Only one team can stop them now in their quest for total domination.

If the Lightning Win

The one team that can stop the Avalanche are winners of a whopping 11 straight playoff series. Corey Perry is a name that brought both pain and joy to Stars fans over the years. He was a pest with the Anaheim Ducks but a welcome addition to the Stars. His goal in Game 5 of the 2020 Stanley Cup Final was the last of the season. He joined the 2021 Western Conference Champion Montreal Canadiens where he lost to the Lightning yet again. If you can’t beat the Lightning, join them. Perry will either win another Stanley Cup or be a 3-time consecutive runner-up. If the Lightning win, the Stars are the “Biggest Loser” for this year. The Biggest Loser is the chain of teams that lose in the First Round. If the Lightning win, They beat the Avalanche, who beat the Oilers, who beat the Flames, who beat the Stars.

Who Stars Fans Want to Win

Many hockey fans do not want a 3-peat for the Lightning. Stars fans are still sore after the Stanley Cup Final defeat in 2020. The Lightning winning the cup will be the first time since the early 1980s where a team wins three or more Stanley Cups in a row. Also Pat Maroon will win four in a row. The Stars have seen both of these teams quite a bit in both the playoffs and regular season. The general consensus is that Stars fans hope both teams lose. Unfortunately, that cannot happen so for a brief time it’s “Go Avs Go.”

Photo Credit: Dallas Stars Twitter / Tim Heitman


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