For the first time in GM Nico Harrison’s tenure, the Mavericks own their first round draft pick. Dallas, of course, sending their 2021 1st round pick (Keon Johnson later selected) and 2023 1st round draft pick in the deal to acquire Kristaps Porzingis in January of 2019.

The question still remains whether Dallas opts to retain their pick, or to package that pick in a deal to acquire a veteran player.

When asked about the need for additional All-Stars, Nico Harrison said “I don’t think it’s about just having All Stars. You need to keep upgrading the roster, but I don’t think it’s about getting a bunch of All Stars but getting people that fit together.”

Roster upgrades aren’t just acquiring big names, but also surrounding your star player with a supporting cast that fits alongside, and will play their role at a high level.

Harrison even alluded to the Los Angeles Lakers, who wildly underperformed, despite multiple NBA 75th Anniversary players. We’ve also seen a loaded Brooklyn Nets team that didn’t work out because of the fit of James Harden and company.

Undoubtedly, there is immense value in building through the draft. Look no further than the two teams left standing, in Boston and Golden State. Even look in house, with what Dallas has accomplished in developing guys like Finney-Smith, Brunson, and Kleber.

Harrison did address that the team needs to “get somebody that can help us on the rebounds, be a rim protector.” This is no secret, but in my opinion you don’t have to sell the farm for a Rudy Gobert to fill this hole.

I think that the Mavericks will make a selection at 26th in the draft.
Patience will pay off. As players become more available closer to the trade deadline, I could see that player being moved.
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