When the Rangers signed Marcus Semien to a seven-year $175 million dollar contract, the expectations immediately poured in. These expectations were fairly placed on a player, who just had the greatest offensive season by a second baseman in baseball history. 

Safe to say throughout his first month and a half as a Texas Ranger, fans are not pleased with the way Semien has been performing. 

“Why is Marcus Semien the worst baseball player of all time”, “I’m convinced Marcus Semien will never hit a homer”, “Marcus Semien literally forgot how to play baseball’. 

These are all real quotes from baseball fans who are not happy with the way that Marcus Semien has been playing this year. The numbers certainly back these fans’ arguments in a way. 

Semien is hitting just .175 with 0 home runs and 8 RBIs. That is definitely not the player that the Rangers thought they would be getting when they made the splash for Semien in the offseason.

However, Semien isn’t the only star that is struggling early in the season. 

Fellow member of the superstar free agent shortstop class Trevor Story is hitting just .205 with 2 home runs and 16 RBIs. 

Carlos Correa is also not up to his usual hitting success. Correa is at just .265 with 2 home runs and 12 RBIs. 

So with all that being said, is it finally time to be worried about Marcus Semien? 

Overall it is definitely not time to be “worried” about Semien. I think the word fans should be looking for is “slightly concerned”.  

There is no disputing that Marcus Semien has been downright terrible to start the 2022 season, that is not what I’m arguing 

Instead what I am arguing is that the sky is not falling and everything is going to be alright.

This is not some young player who is not performing that we are talking about here. This is a guy who is in his 10th season as a big leaguer.

More importantly, this is someone who knows how to have success at the big league level. Semien knows what it’s like to be in slumps and come out of slumps. 

We also have to think that this is the same guy who just had the greatest offensive season by a second baseman in baseball history last year. Just as a reminder Semien hit .265 with 45 homers and 102 RBIs last year.

This is also Semien’s first year with a new team and a new contract. This is a long-term commitment, what Semien is or is not doing in his first month and a half with the team means absolutely nothing about the success or failure of the signing. You simply can not judge the whole signing based on the first month and a half. 

On Wednesday night in the Rangers’ 6-5 win over the Angels, Semien tallied 3 hits. Maybe this was a sign for Semien to break out. 

Overall Marcus Semien is a 10-year big league veteran and he will figure things out. Sure he has been really bad throughout this first month but if anyone can pull out of the stretch and salvage a successful season it’s Semien. 

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