The Mavericks find themselves in all too familiar territory – down 0-1. Maybe it’s just the optimism that I admittedly have too much of at times.
But to me, it seems like nobody is hitting the panic button quite yet.

And nobody should hit the panic button. While the scoreboard of ‘112-87’ is quite the eyesore, it’s not like the Warriors dominated this game. The bigger story, to me, is what Dallas didn’t do.

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This isn’t to discredit what the Dubs did either. Golden State looked like a well-oiled machine, with 7 players in double-digit scoring and a solid defensive effort on Luka and the Mavs. But the scoreboard doesn’t tell the whole story.

A considerable part of my optimism stems from the quality of shots that the Mavs got in Game 1. The Mavs got really good looks, but shots weren’t falling. Dallas ended the night with 48 3PT attempts but only knocked down 11 of those. Golden State seemed content with allowing Dallas to shoot the three. Looking ahead, I don’t anticipate guys like Reggie Bullock to shoot 3/10 from three.

“It’s game one. Somebody’s got to get to four wins first,” Luka Doncic stated.

And sure, this is where you tell me we are being way too comfortable and overly optimistic.

But at the end of the night, you really want to split the first two games as a road team, and the Mavericks have the opportunity to do so on Friday night.

The page has turned to Game 2, and the pressure is on Jason Kidd and the coaching staff to make the right adjustments. Dallas has to counter the different defensive coverages that Golden State throws their way.

Dallas has to win the rebounding battle. Dallas has to convert those high-quality shot attempts.

Dallas advanced to the Western Conference Finals with the longest title odds of the four teams left after Luka Doncic ripped the soul out of the Phoenix Suns on game 7.  We’re forecasting a series that won’t disappoint the fans that can take advantage of the BetMGM first deposit bonus to add a layer of extra spice when watching games.

This Warriors team will not beat themselves.
And a pregame beer is not why the Mavs lost Game 1.

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