Martin Perez was signed by the Texas Rangers in the off-season to no acclaim whatsoever. In fact, Rangers fans were not happy about the signing, most saying just another washed up signing.

In recent memory, the Rangers have done well with “just another washed up signing”. Lance Lynn, Mike Minor and Kyle Gibson come to mind right away.

I believe fans didn’t like the signing because of his history. He has already had a history with Texas.

While Martin started average, he has been anything but in the month of May. In three start, Perez has an ERA of 0.94 in 19.1 innings of work (3 starts). He dominated his former team (Boston) in Sunday’s game giving up just one run to the Sox.

He has 33 strikeouts to 11 walks in 2022. His WHIP is 1.02.

Martin Perez said he was happy to be back with the franchise that drafted him, and it is showing. He has been the Rangers most dominate pitcher in 2022 so far, and really he has been one of the best in the American League.

He is 5th in ERA in the AL, 6th in innings pitched, and he has yet to give up a home run.

His overall ERA is sitting at 2.01, which is really good. He is going to have some bad games, they all do at some point.

If he can stay healthy and give the Rangers 190+ innings with an ERA around 4.00, it will be a very successful season. No one expected him to do that, and now it looks more than possible.

If the Rangers are completely defunct by the All-Star break, they could always move him to another team for more prospects. Since Martin Perez really likes being in a Texas Rangers uniform, I would prefer to keep him.

Martin Perez has definitely turned out to be more that advertised, and I for one hope that trend continues throughout 2022.

*Ben Dieter is one of the hosts of The Ranger Report Podcast here on Dallas Sports Nation. You can find the Ranger Report on TwitterFacebookInstagram or at The Ranger Report Website.

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