He’s been doing it since 2007. For close to two decades, Joe Pavelski has played his way to being one of the top scorers in today’s NHL. Not only is he one of the best currently, but he’s putting his name in the record books which will lead to his name being enshrined into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Joe Pavelski has been a point per game player in both the regular, and post season for the Dallas Stars. Keeping in mind that Joe Pavelski is thirty seven, and will turn thirty eight in two months. Offensively he has been the biggest catalyst for the Stars’ offense this postseason.

It’s rare to see a team’s oldest player be the top goal, and point producer. Especially during the playoffs. 41 goal scorer during the regular season, and linemate Jason Robertson offered his take on why Joe Pavelski is been on a tear regularly for the team.

“He’s just adapted to playing at this certain age,” said the 22-year-old Robertson, only the fourth Dallas skater with a 40-goal season. “And it’s kind of inspiring to see that he’s still going and he’s still pushing and still keeping keeping up with everyone.” It very well could be that Pavelski has adapted to today’s game. Fitness, and conditioning is certainly another factor.

The biggest factor in Pavelski finding the back of the net; tip in goals like this. Some might say that it’s predictable. But if he keeps having success he’s going to keep doing it. Like the old saying goes if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Photo credit: Tom Fox/Dallas Morning News

As the series with the Calgary Flames goes seven games Joe Pavelski continues to show the hockey world that age is just the number. Often known as the big tipper, he is the offensive leader for Dallas. As the Stars take on the Flames in game seven to decide who advances to round two to play the Edmonton Oilers. In a series where goals have been at a premium, the Stars will be looking heavily to Pavelski to help push past Calgary and move closer to another chance to play for the Stanley Cup.

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