For every NHL team, the regular season is going to be full of many different stats. Good, bad, and interesting. For the Dallas Stars their best team stat can be pointed at one thing; one goal games. It’s where they excelled the most as a team, and across the NHL.

The Stars finished their season with a record of 46-30-6. Good for 98 points in the standings, and the first wild card spot. Of those games, their record in games decided by one goal was 28-6-6.

Winning this many games is impressive. It shows that the Stars can win tough games, and win in the clutch. If anything, the only thing in stats that it hurts is the goal differential for the season. But come playoff time, the only stat that matters is the win/loss column.

The Stars have come a long way from their play in overtime last season. Last season it can be argued that play past sixty minutes costed Dallas a playoff spot last year. But many Stars fan would be quick to point out the injury, and covid issues the team suffered last year. And for good reason, especially with such a compacted schedule. However, the Stars not only got healthy they decided to find ways to produce on the ice.

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As the playoffs are about to start, the Dallas Stars will take on the Calgary Flames in the first round. And all things about the regular season, including the Stars’ negative goal differential, will be left in the history books. The playoffs are a fresh start for the remaining sixteen teams, and the road to the Stanley Cup is about to get crazy as it always does.

The Dallas Stars being the best overtime team, and the best one goal game team was good enough to land them the seventh seed in the western conference playoffs. While Dallas’ road to the playoffs was a complete rollercoaster ride, the playoffs are a different animal. There are no points to be left on the table, and no extra points past sixty minutes. You either get a win, or a loss after every single game.

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