There is no doubt that the 2022 season has not started to the Rangers’ liking. The Rangers sit 1-4 through 5 games and in the basement of the AL West standings.

Although the start has not been ideal, there is no reason to panic. The Rangers 1-4 should not be a measuring stick for the ball club. 

For reference, the defending world series champion Atlanta Braves were below 500 on July 4th, 2021.  This Rangers team sits only 3 games below, only having played five games.

Although the Rangers have only won one game they were well in position to win a few of those five. You have to take the positive side when looking at games you “should have won”

Let’s take game one in Toronto for example. The Rangers jumped out to a 7-run lead thanks to an offensive explosion before falling 8-10. The Rangers were well in command of that game before starter Jon Gray had to leave following a blister. 

The other game we will look at is the home opener vs the Rockies. Two major things lead to the ball not bouncing in the Rangers’ favor. First, the throwing error by Corey Seager, and second the review where Mitch Garver was called out for an illegal slide. 

If the Rangers catch some breaks in those two games (or should I say not catch unlucky breaks) you could be looking at two extra wins. If Texas gets those two games they would be sitting at 3-2. 

I bring up this point to say that although the Rangers do sit at 1-4, they very well could be sitting at 3-2. 

Sure the Rangers have not been playing amazingly throughout the first week of the season, but it is still very very early. This is a young team that is still learning how to win games together. It will come together but it will take time, championship teams take time and this team will be just fine in the long run. 

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