As we are nearing the end of the regular season we are seeing what every team is doing well, and not so good. For the Dallas Stars, one of the biggest hindering factors has been the team’s power play. It might actually be the biggest problem for the Stars. A lack of goal scoring from them in that time has hurt the team in the standings, and their quest to clinch a playoff berth.

This past sunday’s loss to the Seattle Kraken was the biggest lowlight for the Stars’ inept power play. Not only did they not score on the man advantage, but they gave up a short-handed goal. That loss kept Dallas from a perfect four game road trip. Not that winning three of four is anything to hang your head about.

The Stars have shown before this season that they can score on the power play. Only recently have they fallen into a slump. What the guys need to do is take more, and better shots on net and eventually we’ll see the puck go in more often.

Photo credit: Michael Aimsworth/AP

Before today’s loss to the New Jersey Devils, the last power play goal Dallas has scored was on March 31st in a win against the Anaheim Ducks. Going from one of the best power plays earlier in the season to one of the worst late. An NHL season is going to have it’s ebbs and flows. But if the Stars want to strengthen their playoff chances they’ll want to score more on the man advantage.

The most important thing for the Dallas Stars to do is to win games, and get enough points in the standings to reach the playoffs. Technically they can get away with scoring about once every power play attempts. But it creates for a more uphill battle when you cannot take what the opposing team gives you.

Featured photo: John Froschauer/AP

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