The 2021-2022 NHL regular season is in its final stages. Crunch time has teams vying for the final few remaining playoff spots. The Dallas Stars are one of those teams with aspirations of a deep playoff run. They have to qualify for the playoffs first but their position is good with 12 games left. It’s time to start looking at possible playoff matchups. Two teams that seem likely are the Colorado Avalanche and Calgary Flames. They are the likely division winners that get to face the wildcards. These are two difficult teams that the Stars need to prepare for. Regardless, Stars fans are ready for the playoffs no matter how long they last.

Most Likely: Avs

If the Stars keep their current playoff spot then they play the Avalanche. They are a tough opponent with a 50-14-6 record. These two teams have a long playoff history over several generations of players. They last met in the 2020 Playoffs when the Stars won Game 7 in Overtime. The President’s Trophy favorite is someone who the Stars do not want to see in the First Round. Whoever finishes in the second wildcard spot will face them. The Avalanche are a massive threat with six 20-goal scorers. They are favorites to win it all this year.

Second Likely: Flames

The Flames are running away with the Pacific Division. Wildcard team #1 are the likely opponents for them. The Stars would like to face them over the Avalanche. The Nashville Predators stand in their way. The Predators have two points on the Stars with equal games. The Stars also beat them on their way to the Stanley Cup Final in 2020. Johnny Gaudreau and the Flames are a threat. His 99 points this year lead the talent for a team that can do damage to the Stars. Things get interesting if the Stars play in this series and win it. They would take on the winner of the (now) Edmonton Oilers vs. Los Angeles Kings series. The Vegas Golden Knights could sprinkle into the equation as well. All these teams have a long history versus the Stars.

Fringe Matchups: Wild or Blues

The odds of playing either the Minnesota Wild or St. Louis Blues are low. The Avalanche have the division at a 99% lock. The only way the Stars play the Wild or Blues is if they go on a tear and squeak into spot #3. The Blues have six points on the Stars so not likely. Stars fans would love another crack at the Blues who doom the Stars in Game 7s. The Wild would also love a crack at the Stars because of their hatred for the relocation. These matchups aren’t likely in the First Round but are in the Second Round or Conference Final.

They need to get there first. Stars fans are looking forward to playoff games at the American Airlines Center again. They have a long road ahead if they want the Stanley Cup no matter the opponents. The Avalanche or Flames are waiting for them in the First Round.

Photo Credit: Dallas Stars Twitter

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