3-on-3 overtime is one of the most innovative solutions to long-lasting games in the NHL. It’s an exciting addition filled with fast-paced action. It can make or break a team, especially in the playoff race. The Dallas Stars are no strangers to overtime. Overtime proved costly last season while this season is the complete opposite. The Stars are the best team in overtime this year with 10 wins. Their turnaround will get them into the playoffs where overtime plays a massive part. Their clutch performances can prove a decider in playoff games. Their 180 past 60 minutes deserves a better look.

Last Season’s Dismal Overtime

Going to overtime last season left Stars fans saying oh no. Dreadful is the best word to describe overtime last season. 14 overtime + shootout losses are too much even in an 82-game season. 14 overtime losses in a 56-game season proved unbearable for the fanbase. It’s what caused them to miss the playoffs. The Nashville Predators beat them out of the final playoff spot by 4 points. Converting five of those losses into wins gets them in the playoffs.

Complete 180

A more outstanding number is the polar opposite of last season. The Stars are 10-1 in 3-on-3 overtime this season. It’s a good thing too because they are in the final wildcard spot as it stands. It is a different story if they don’t get four or five of those extra points on the table.

Seven different players scored overtime goals. John Klingberg, Jason Robertson, and Jamie Benn scored twice. A 10-1 record may not translate to success in the playoffs. The Stars were 5-1 in overtime in the 2020 Playoffs but that lone loss turned into the most critical. That Game 5 overtime loss gave the Tampa Bay Lightning a 3-1 series lead in the Stanley Cup Final. We’ll see what happens but Stars fans can’t wait to see what Robertson can do in the playoffs. Their overtime games are enjoyable to watch, especially when they win.

Shootout Too

The exciting change from 4-on-4 to 3-on-3 overtime means games don’t go to the shootout as often. The Stars are still 4-2 in the skills competition. Joe Pavelski leads the team with three goals on five shots. Their goal success is 40% with 8/20. There is no shootout in the playoffs but they need to get there first.

The Stars are rocking it past 60 minutes this year. Overall they are 14-3 past 60 minutes. No one other than the Stars won 10 overtime games this season. These 10 extra points might get them into the playoffs. Their overtime is great considering the last loss came in October. Stars fans can’t wait until the playoffs. Making the playoffs is the ultimate goal this season. The American Airlines Center hasn’t hosted a Stars playoff game since 2019. This fanbase is aching for a playoff spot.


Photo Credit: Dallas Stars Twitter

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