Ah, yes, winter is in its final days but here in the southern plains we also know that the arrival of spring in March means something else – the arrival of spring football.  No offense to college hoops fans who rightly should be getting excited right now with the arrival of March Madness but there’s just something about football – any football that gets my blood pumping a bit faster again.

The Texas Longhorns will begin their annual spring practice schedule on March 22nd which is the week after spring break.  Practices are limited to an NCAA maximum of 15 and UT will be on the field on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays.  The annual Orange-White game will culminate the spring schedule and act as the final 15th practice on Saturday, April 23rd.

The spring practice drills will give many new Longhorn players their first opportunity to try and win starting spots against returning players.  Players, coaches and fans alike will have their chance to see the likes of Quinn Eweres, Jaleel Billingsley and Isaiah Neyor battle it out with other teammates for starting roster spots going into the fall.  In addition, these new Longhorns will have a lot to prove about the hype surrounding their transfers to Austin.

The biggest question of all is who will become the starting QB after spring football winds down.  Hudson Card is the returning veteran and probably will be with the starters on one side of the Orange-White game while Quinn Ewers will no doubt get his chance to show the Burnt Orange Nation that he is worth all of the hype surrounding his transfer to UT and retun to Texas.  No doubt fellow QB Maliik Murphy will try and make his presence known to the coaching staff and fans as he will try and make a statement to claim the starting role as well and for all we know he could do just that.  The real question will no doubt be as to whether or not Hudson Card stays at Texas after spring football is over or will he look to the transfer portal to find a starting role and continue his collegiate football career with another school.  The coming weeks will be very interesting to say the least in Austin as the 2022 football season gets under way in earnest.

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