The Dallas Stars have 31 games left in the regular season. Playoffs are closer than they appear. Qualifying for the playoffs is the ultimate goal for the Stars in the regular season. To get there, they need a lot more goals than what they’ve been producing. 2.82 Goals-per game is good enough for 21st place. They sit right on the playoff line, tied for the final spot. One category of their game needs improvement above all others. Some players are producing while some struggle. The Stars must score more if they want to make the playoffs.

Where they Stand

The Stars are tied with the Edmonton Oilers for the final playoff spot. The Oilers share the same 28-20-3 record but own the tiebreaker. Wildcard 1 is starting to slip away. The shootout loss to the Nashville Predators helped that gap grow.


One section of their play needs improving. They have the 6th worst 5-on-5 scoring. 89 5-on-5 goals is getting them nowhere. That’s only 1.74 per game. It’s impressive that they have as big of a winning record as they do with that number.

Who Does Their Job

Joe Pavelski, Jason Robertson, and Roope Hintz are putting in a great effort for this team. This line accounts for 44.2% of the entire team’s goals. They account for 44.2% of all goals yet combine to make only 13.5% of the salary cap hit on the team. The Stars are nowhere without these guys. Robertson’s contract is also up at the end of this season. He is an RFA which means he has to sign with the Stars. He can sign elsewhere but other teams must give up draft picks if they want him. Stars front office must sign him for whatever he wants. Robertson is the future of this team.

Needs Improvement

Tyler Seguin is finally starting to light the lamp. His play in the first half of the season had questions, especially about his injury history. The entire defensive line only accounts for 15/147 goals this year. Yes, they are defensemen but the offense needs help. John Klingberg takes the brunt of the criticism. His single goal this year is far below the expectations. Even Ryan Suter scored 4 this year. His -16 is the worst on the team. He is still a good puck-mover even though his stats don’t show it. Alexander Radulov is another complaint from Stars fans. His 2 goals in 45 games are also sub-par. These players need to fix whatever is wrong with their scoring touch.

The Stars are way too talented for their current position. Things need re-evaluation if the playoff race goes south. 2.82 goals per game will not get anyone near the playoffs at the season’s end. They can play so much better. Robertson, Pavelski, and Hintz don’t earn what they deserve. These guys are the sole reason why this team is still in the playoff hunt. This is an elite team if they score more goals.


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