Last weekend Dallas Stars’ center Joe Pavelski represented Dallas at the 2022 All-Star game in Las Vegas. He was the lone Star on the team, and overall it was still a weekend for Stars fans to be happy about. Not only was Pavelski in the All-Star game,but he was named Captain of the Central division team too.

Starting with Joe Pavelski’s weekend in Las Vegas, the Central division team faced off vs the Atlantic division team. The Central won that bout by a final score of eight to five. With team Captain Joe Pavelski aka Captain America registering a goal, and an assist. Led by Pavelski, the Central division got their second ever win since this three on three format for NHL All-Star games began in 2016.

In the championship game of All-Star weekend, the Metropolitan division defeated the Central division five to three. Captain Joe Pavelski scored a goal in the final game of the All-Star break. It was the second time in the current format of the NHL ASG the Central division made it as far as the championship game.

For the skills competition, Captain Joe Pavelski was especially dominant during the break. Winning the 21 in ’22 skilks competition. As writer Kyle Shohara wrote; “Pavelski hit an ace and a king on his first and second shots, and then hit an ace of spades and queen in the final round to win the first-time event.”

Joe Pavelski chimed in on his sniping during the shooting contest.

“I don’t think we realized how big of a deal it is,” Pavelski said to “As you’re doing it and start hearing stories about The Strip’s really not been closed down besides for a few movies and in the middle of the night, so it was pretty cool.”

“I guess all of us did find a way to get to 21, ” Pavelski said. “At times it felt like it wasn’t easy but there were some pretty simple shots it felt like and then there were some where you’re looking and you have to go up high, you didn’t know how the puck was going to react.”

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No matter how you feel about the All-Star weekend, and Joe Pavelski teaming up with other players who play for hated teams in the division it was certainly eventful for the lone Star over the break.

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