It’s been talked about since 2007. When the iconic forest green, and gold jerseys were retired for the not so well received black DALLAS jerseys. Followed by the same styled jerseys coming in the road whites. Which only lasted from 2007-2013. While the victory green jerseys are an improvement, with the constant requests from the fans there’s no reason the Dallas Stars can’t go back to the classics that included a Stanley Cup win.

With the neon green alternates the Stars have, there can still be a place for the ’99 throwbacks. As long as there’s a market for it, and fans want to see the players in the jerseys there’s no reason to think these jerseys can make a comeback. Even if it means scrapping the icy white jersey, and overall uniform that has yet to even be worn this season. Next year, maybe the Dallas Stars should move on from the reverse retro jersey in favor of another retro jersey that a actually is a fan favorite.

Recently the classic jerseys made a comeback, but there was a glaring catch. Seeing the green, and gold jerseys out again is what fans wanted. However they were limited in sales, sold out, and far out of the price range of a normal NHL jersey. Needless to say this had many fans crying foul.

Another good reason a jersey change can benefit a team; it can help lead to better play on the ice. The Anaheim Ducks changed their team name from the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim for the 2006-2007. They went onto win the Stanley Cup.

Prior to the 2011-2012 season the Los Angeles Kings altered the logo, and colors and went on to win their two Stanley Cups in three years (2012 and 2014). Seems that doing something different sparked the locker room for this team, and their cross town rivals. It can do the same for the Dallas Stars. It can be known as an x-factor.

Colors in sports are known to have psychological impact as well. Especially in this case being with the color green. “Green being the color of nature gives a sense of growth and freshness.”

It’s also known that change can spark a team’s psyche for better performance. Even back in 2013, the Stars were on a five year playoff less skid. That summer they unveiled a new jersey, and in that 2014 season they clinched a playoff berth. Drawing the second wild card spot.


Photo credit: Twitter app @dallasstars

How does relating the reveal of the victory green jerseys relate to the Stars bringing back the ’99 jerseys? By having a change spark an organization. From the fans to the players. People love the classics. The ball is in the court of adidas, and the Dallas Stars to bring them back.

Featured photo: Twitter app @dallasstars

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