Rushes are a very vital strategy to gain an advantage in any game of football. Rushing refers to running with the ball across the offensive line from a starting point behind the initial scrimmage.
It forces the opposition to think quickly and to react to you within mere seconds, which can disorient them, throw them off, and leave them vulnerable.

There were many rushes played during 2021’s regular NFL season, many of which are well worth a look at. Here are 10 of the best rushes played during the 2021 regular NFL season!

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1) Jonathan Taylor

The player with the highest number of rushes during the 2021 season is Jonathan Taylor, who had a cumulative 1,811 rush yards! 

One particularly impressive rush was played against the New England Patriots, which Taylor managed to utilize to earn another point for the Indianapolis Colts! It was truly intense to watch Taylor blaze a trail across the field, leaving his opponents well and truly in his dust.

2) Najee Harris

Pittsburgh Steelers’ prize running backer was able to take advantage of an incredible 188 yard rush against the Cleveland Browns. Not only was this incredible to witness and helped them to edge their way to victory, but it also broke the previous rushing record for the team, which was previously held by Franco Harris for more than 45 years!

Harris ended the regular season in 4th place in terms of cumulative rushing yards.

3) Melvin Gordon

Running back for the Denver Broncos, Melvin Gordon, proved too much for the opposition when he pulled off his perfect 29-yard rush across the field, which was able to make short work of multiple tackling attempts from the opposition.

The cheers from the crowd as he careened across the field gave the stadium a truly unmatched atmosphere. We can still hear the crowd roaring!

4) Austin Ekeler

Austin Ekeler famously scored his 16th touchdown of the regular NFL season as his team, the Los Angeles Chargers, went up against the might of the New York Giants.

It was truly incredible to witness, as the Chargers had put the Giants under a lot of pressure, and Ekeler was able to easily make the End Zone in a rush, thanks to the continued pressure placed against the Giants.

5) Damien Harris

When up against the might of the opposing team in a January match, New England Patriots player Damien Harris had to make a very brave and very daring rush for the end zone. Luckily, he managed to make it a fantastic 22-yards before being pushed off of the field, creating a penalty situation in favor of his team. 

Damien’s bravery paid off for his team!

6) Javonte Williams

During the 9th week of the 2021 regular NFL season, Denver Broncos running back Javonte Williams was able to carry out a powerful 30-yard rush which he used against the Dallas Cowboys. 

He may not have reached the End Zone, but with the help of his teammates, he was able to push his way past an attempted double tackle, which left his opponents in the dust for a good 30-yards. 

Regardless of the result, it’s very impressive!

7) Devin Singletary

Devin Singletary of the Buffalo Bills managed to gain his team a sizable 29-yard gain on the opposition, which further helped them to grab a few points against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Though he did not make the End Zone, he did manage to gain his team an incredible advantage that they could not have anticipated and likely threw off their strategies!

8) Nick Chubb

The Cleveland Browns were able to get a foot up against the Buffalo Bills thanks to his 14-yard rush, which took him an incredible distance before he was eventually tackled and brought to the ground. 

This helped to gain the Browns a significant advantage which allowed them to pull themselves towards victory.

9) Leonard Fournette

Leonard Fournette certainly made the 2021 regular season his own thanks to his incredible number of rushes that he was able to successfully pull off to help his team to encroach on enemy territory.

In his 12th of December match against the Buffalo Bills, he was able to pull off a cumulative 113 yards of rushing! Incredible!

10) Joe Mixon

The Cincinnati Bengals really benefited from the quick thinking of Joe Mixon, especially during their 28th of November match against the Pittsburgh Steelers, in which Joe was able to run well over 165 yards in total.

All in one match! There’s no surprise he is a favorite player and that he ranked third when it comes down to cumulative yards for the regular season.

Let’s Finish Up…

Rushing continues to prove a very important strategy in football to gain an advantage or to move out of a sticky position.

There were so many incredible rushes in this season, but none compare to the 10 we explored above.

Featured Image: Tom Pennington/Getty Images
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