There is a certain problem that has occurred in this covid/pandemic era for the NHL. Yes, there are many problems to pick from. But here we are focusing on one of those in particular. The problem; postponed games being turned into a compacted part of an eighty two game season. This leads to a mountain of injuries.

The National Hockey League says that it prides itself on the safety, and addressing health of it’s players. That doesn’t mean the NHL is perfect at it. Just last season with the Dallas Stars, and their postponements and make up games are a glaring example of the NHL’s inconsistency on the health of the athletes.

The Dallas Stars aren’t quite the only NHL team that has been impacted by the pandemic, and the NHL’s policy on covid. It has also impacted other teams in the last couple seasons such as the New York Islanders, and the Vancouver Canucks. But this is about the Dallas Stars, and they have also been the most negatively impacted team since the 2021 season. It’s not even close.

One can make the argument that the NHL needs a full eighty two game schedule for money, and the revenue. However, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman noted that back in 2021 the league was going to lose money for having the season. So it’s not like the NHL hasn’t gambled on it’s money, and revenue before. At least in this case you’re ensuring better safety, and protection from a portion of a team’s schedule that’s asking to fill up the injury reserve list.

We don’t know yet quite how the Stars’ schedule is going to make out. With it being one of their longest breaks in team history. We have to hope it’s not going to turn into the gauntlet that the team had to deal with last year. In 2021 it could easily be argued that the team was better off missing the playoffs so guys could get time to heal from their injuries, and surgeries.

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Hopefully the Dallas Stars can use that supposed two weeks off in their schedule next month to help ease the upcoming make up games to their favor. If the NHL mandates the test who have missed games from covid do have to make up games. Remember, back in 2020 teams played a total of between fifty, and sixty games due to the regular season being shutdown prematurely over the pandemic. We will wait, and see just how the rest of the schedule will play out.

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